Saturday, June 18, 2005

McD encourages cycling... but not in drive-thru

McDonald's may be trying to chang their image and encouraging customers to exercise, even selling McKids bicycles, but don't try and ride that bicycle through a McDonald's drive-thru. A UK couple who tried to bike through the drive-thru were turned away. They were told that only insured vehicles are allowed. [Portsmouth Today]


Kevin C said...

I tried biking through a drive-thru in Minneapolis waiting for a light rail train on Minnehaha Avenue. It was a Sunday and there is a 30 minute wait between trains.

The ever-intelligent manager insisted that I had no right biking through. If I rode on a motorized vehcile, he could serve me. Otherwise, sorry, I would have to rent a car or vehicle solely to order food.

How ridiculous. The main part of the store was closed and I only wanted a shake.

The next day I spoke with the store manager. She stated that it is commmon policy in the insurance industry to not cover non-motorized patrons who are in drive-thru. Therefore, customers should beware stepping foot in a drive-thru area - as these stores will not cover if you are run over by another patron.

Anonymous said...

My bicycle is covered by theft insurance, so technically my bike is insured... now what? Personally I look at this as discrimination, if you can afford to have an auto OK, but no car, no service, this sucks big time.

I have actually paid other motorists to buy food from the late night drive through, frankly this is even more of a hazard, stopping other people’s cars, negotiating & handing money in the middle of traffic etc. stopping traffic again to retrieve food, puts the both customers & the restaurant in a position more likely to be injured than if they would have helped someone in the first place. I cant wait to see the first lawsuit over this one!...