Monday, October 24, 2005

McDonald's sells quality in new ads

from CNN/Money:

Every day inside an unassuming building on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, thousands of hamburgers are run through metal detectors on their way to becoming Big Macs and Quarter Pounders.

The detectors, along with hourly tasting tests of burger and sausage patties made at the plant and five-hour-long nightly cleanups, are just a few of the food quality and safety measures McDonald's Corp. requires of its suppliers. And the company wants its customers to know it.

McDonald's on Monday will kick off a two-day media event to tout the quality of its food and combat critics who say its burgers and fries are unhealthy.

One of the myths Gonzalez-Mendez said the new campaign aims to eradicate is the perception that McDonald's burgers are filled with additives and other non-beef ingredients.

To combat that assertion, the company invited Reuters to tour the Lopez Foods Inc. meat processing plant, where 2,000-pound containers of beef are fed into gigantic metal grinders before being pressed into patties, frozen and finally stacked into cardboard boxes.

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