Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Counting Subways in Manhattan

Subway restaurants now outnumber subway stations in Manhattan. The 129 subway stations that took decades to build have been surpassed in quantity (131) in a much shorter time (since 1990 to be precise).

Subway restaurants the world over feature images of the original NY IRT construction as part of the restaurants' decoration.

With 468 subway stations in all of New York, the restaurant has a way to go to beat the train citywide.


larkohio said...

Subways are everywhere! In my town, there is a Subway in a Walmart, and not a block away there is ANOTHER one is a strip mall. How many subs can we eat?

Their bread is yummy though.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry. Puerto Rico has more than 200+ restaurants and still growing.

Anonymous said...

How can one eat a "sub" in NYC when the sandwich king is a "hero".

Anonymous said...