Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The filet-o-fish on-line game

McDonald's has also picked Lent to promote their fish. They've got a new web game featuring sharks and the filet-o-fish sandwich. The game, at www.FiletOFish.com, offers 3 levels and it's bilingual (Spanish, too). In the first level you use your mouse to keep the filet-of-fish box away from 4 sharks. (I didn't have the patience to play beyond that.)

Part of this new filet-of-fish promotion is the "Double Filet-O-Fish sandwich," which looks a lot like they've just put 2 fish filets where there used to be 1! Does that really qualify as a 'special sandwich' that is "available for a limited time only?" Couldn't you just ask for 2 filets on your filet-o-fish any time?

The promotion is only running in limited markets (Atlanta, Detroit, Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, TX and Sacramento, CA), through the Lenten season.

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Anonymous said...

You just don't get it, do you?! The double Filet-O-Fish is a limited time thing because we're not allowed to make dfof's any other time. There's no way to charge you for the extra piece of fish on a regular filet (not to mention the bigger piece of cheese). So maybe it's not a "new" sandwich, but don't you get a kick out of a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese? Same as a QPC, right?! I think not...