Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sonic announces yet more drinks

Sonic today announced two new drinks to their enormous drink selection. So this is the perfect time for a few words about said selection.

On a hot summer day here in Texas, a Sonic on the horizon is practically an oasis and the reason is the drink selection. According to Sonic there are 168,000 possible drink combinations. And everyone I know has their favorite. Mine is the Diet Cherry Limeade; Route 44 size (that's big!).

Also of note are the cups and the ice. The Route 44 cups are made of styrofoam that might not be environmentally friendly, but that keeps my drink cool a long time. And the ice at Sonic is that little pellet ice that just can't be beat.

The 2 new drinks announced today, by the way, are flavored teas: red raspberry and peach.


Anonymous said...

Is there a Sonic in New Jersey yet?!?

Anonymous said...

I hate the Sonic ad that shows the stupid husband in the front seat of his SUV, teasing his wife, playing keep away with her food. How juvenile can you get. Or is this ad directed to the teenie-boppers only. If it's supposed to make me want to go to Sonic, the ad fails. I've noticed that most ads lately show dumb men and smart women; why is that? Can't show dumb women because you are afraid of NOW? The age of man-bashing is alive and well. Thanks for helping it along.
Ray in Wichita

Anonymous said...

At the same time, Ray, while it's true we're in the Age of Man Bashing, as you put it, it doesn't mean that a good percent of men these days truly are like the fellow in those commercials. I don't agree with putting any sort of negativity in commercials at all, considering how your main goal is to attract customers, not deter. I guess my point is, most men are like the guy in the commercials, thank God for men like you and me who keep intelligence alive.