Monday, June 19, 2006

Disney, McDonald's partnership ends

The 10-year long promotional partnership between Disney and McDonald's is coming to an end.

Despite denials from both sides it seems childhood obesity concerns might be at the root of the split. This seems plausible if Disney wants to distance itself from accusations that fast food is a cause of the 'epidemic' of childhood obesity.

Kid-friendly Disney can't risk be associated with a company that is being accused of making kids fat and unhealthy. And there is evidence Disney is thinking about the health of their key demographic: Disney announced last week that it has started putting collectible stickers on fresh fruit at European grocers. [BBC]

It seems word of the split has already had an interesting economic impact: evidently demand for old Disney-related Happy Meal toys from McDonald's have increased two-fold on auction site ebay.

Disney and McDonald's Happy Meal marketing alliance will end after this summer's movies Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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