Monday, July 31, 2006

Church's takes on Popeye's

Church's Chicken and Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits used to be friendly rival purveyors of chicken. They were, after all, owned by the same parent company.

That has now changed. Church's has gone on the offensive to promote their spicy chicken as the best... better than Popeyes.

Church's was purchased in 2004 by a subsidiary of the First Islamic Bank of Bahrain. Now they are running TV ads showing a Popeye's employee stating "Church's spicy beats Popeyes." As quoted in the AJC, Church's President and CEO Harsha Agadi said, "Whenever anybody mentions spicy chicken, we want them to think Church's."

Rob Calderin, Popeye's chief marketing officer, looks at it another way: "I think it is flattering ... that they are using Popeyes as the gold standard on which to compare themselves."

Back in December, we wrote about Church's new website.


By the way, did you ever notice the double logos on some of Church's restaurants and signs?

Evidently it really bothered the folks at 'i me mine productions' and they produced this 'documentary' on the subject, which includes an interview with and explanation from Church's Director of Operations, Mono Moitra. Watch it:

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