Sunday, August 06, 2006

McDonald's employee has McRules for you

Joanna works at a McDonald's in Walker, Louisiana and she has some McRules for you to follow if you want to eat at her McDonald's!

Joanna posted "Things not to do when visiting a McDonald's" at McDonald's Talk, a Live Journal community where many McDonald's employees post their thoughts, stories, complaints and ideas about their employment at McDonald's. She has worked at McDonald's for 2 years.

Here are a few of my favorites of the 43 McRules she has posted (I've made some minor corrections to spelling and grammar):
  • Don't confuse franchises! We don't Biggie size, we don't have onion rings or nachos, and may not "Have it your way."

  • If you ordered a burger without pickles and they somehow ended up there anyway... just pick them off because that's all I'm going to do when you bring it back to me to "fix it."

  • Don't come into the lobby two minutes before we close. Chances are I've already cleaned, and it will only cause me to do unspeakable things to your (already stale) food.

  • Don't scream at me if I ask you to repeat your order... we're talking about cheeseburgers, not missiles... so calm down!

  • If you don't see tomatoes on the sandwich in the picture don't [f#@%ing] ask me to take them off. The Big Mac has been around for ages... it doesn't have tomatoes.

  • Does this look like Toys-R-Us? Who cares if your kid's got 10 of the same toy already. That's telling me you don't feed them at home enough!

  • When I hand you your food and say "Have a nice day," you better respond with a smile, a "Thanks, you too," or at least acknowledge my existence. Its called being polite people.Wow
! I'm glad she didn't elaborate on the "unspeakable things" she'd do to my food... I don't want to know! But I like her insight that people obviously don't feed their kids at home enough if they already have 10 of the same Happy Meal toy!

I don't know how important it is to follow Joanna's McRules, but it might be helpful to remember that other McDonald's employees might share her state of mind. It might help you avoid the "unspeakable!"

Joanna has also posted some photos of herself at work on her Myspace page.
Others have posted there own versions of rules like these
here and here.

UPDATE: Joanna has deleted her post and made her Myspace page private now, so the links above won't work. Fortunately I saved a text copy and I've posted a copy of her complete original list.

UPDATE2: You can listen to a radio interview with Joanna (after she was fired).


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Anonymous said...

oh yea and by the way we are not all dumbass pimply faced teenages with summer jobs. no wonder we get so pissed at you guys.... for fucks sake learn to treat people with respect.

Anonymous said...

and another thing. most of the people are infact very intelligent. i have an above average iq(138- im not lying.) my friend i work with does maths a year ahead and english. another person is studing at uni. so dont tell us we are in a dumb ass job. we really just want money. would you rather see people on the benifit takin all your tax money... no.

Anonymous said...

Almost everyone can complain about their job. My husband is in the military. We have spent more than half our marriage apart, including during a pregnancy. He made the choice to join years ago because he had no other choices. He came from a broken, abusive home and needed out. It turned out really well for him to join. And after everything we have been through, we are grateful. The military takes care of us, even though he works at least 60 hours a week without overtime. He leaves for months at a time. We spent 50 weeks apart our first year of marriage. But the military is paying for our college, housing, utilities and health care. If you don't like your living situation, don't take it out on other people. Someone who would actually spit in food, is a pc. of crap. We all deal with jerks, but you have no right to complain about them if you turn into one. So try to be more like my husband and take responsibility for your life. He could have stayed in his living situation and ended up on welfare/drugs, who knows what. But he didn't. He didn't want that life for himself. And you shouldn't, either. Let's let go of some of that anger, people.

Anonymous said...

This list made me laugh my ass off, simply because I can relate to every single thing on it. I've been working at McDonalds for three years now, and the stupidity and rudeness of some people STILL manages to floor me.

Firstly, to everyone who made comments about "trained monkeys", "dead-end jobs", "flipping burgers", and such - you are probably the morons that come in and do things on this list. A job at Mcdonalds does not mean I am lazy, stupid, unable to get a "better" job, mentally deficient, or any other derogatory thing. I'm not going to brag about anything, I'll simply mention that I am now 18, have been at McDonalds since I was 15, since it was one of the only part-time jobs I could get, and am currently attending uninversity - which my "dead end monkey job" is getting me through. Although it may not be the most prestigious job, it pays the bills and has given me many skills that will be useful in the future - such as dealing with morons.

Secondly, to everyone who said "the customer is always right", "I'm paying your salary by eating there", and such, pry a crowbar into your closed minds and get a clue. The customer is not always right. The customer should be treated with respect, but so should the employee. We're all humans here. And being the customer does not give you cause to be abusive or treat me like I'm an inferior life-form because of where I work. The poster of this list deserves the same respect as anyone. She is simply venting about things that millions of people working in customer service have to deal with on a daily basis, just because some customers are incapable of basic common sense, courtesy, respect, intelligence, and appropriate behaviour. Okay, you're having a bad day and you're hungry and you just want to get your food and get outta the restaurant. That's fine. But don't take your frustrations out on me because I'm conveniently placed.

As for everyone who said "spitting/putting bodily fluids in my food is a felony" - you may be right, but the FBI and the cops are far too busy looking for terrorists and weapons of mass destruction to arrest the 17 year old who was so pissed off by the customer who yelled at him for a small discrepancy that he loogied in the person's burger. But that's another rant entirely.

Let go of your childish and outdated ideas and just BE POLITE. If you're nice, I can guarantee you there will be no spit - or worse, believe me, I've seen it - in your food. Give me respect - regardless of my age, race, gender, or where I happen to be employeed - and I'll give you the same thing. Be an ass and chances are, you may be ending up with a McSnotChicken.

Anonymous said...

1. If you have temporarily run out of an item on the menu, you better run your ass to the store and stock up pronto!.
- I have no control over how much product my managers order. The "store" is an hour's drive away. You're welcome to wait while I drive to the "store", get your one item, drive back, and cook it for you. Should be ready in about 2 and a half hours.

2. If something is out-of-order, you will fix it. The world is an imperfect place and mcdonalds is not immune to that. But I am paying for what I order not for you to experiment on the menu.
- McDonalds the CORPORATION decides what we serve, not each individual store. Talk to them.

3. If you are on your break and eating in the lobby, dont be surprised and a snooty bitch when I ask you to fetch me BBQ sauce. If you are dumb enough to still be in uniform in the lobby you are on the clock to me. Eat in the back moron.
- I agree completely. Get your own BBQ sauce, I'm eating in the crew room in the back.

4. If I dont speak english well, bring an interpreter.. if not dont get upset when I bitch you out in my own language when my order gets messed up.
- If you live in a country that's primary language is English, you should at least have a passing knowledge of it. It doesn't require much to order fast food. You can prattle on in your own language for as long as you wish, but I'm not going to do anything unless you're speaking English.

5. I dont care about different franchises! biggie size, onion rings or nachos, make it happen bitch, I am the customer.
- Right away. I'll just pop off to McDonalds headquarters and tell them that YOU want onion rings. I'm certain they'll be only too happy to provide them for YOU.

6. Dont roll your eyes at me when I pay you eight dollars and forty three cents in change and you have to count to verify..and speed it up, this is FAST food.
- I won't roll my eyes. Scout's honour. But as soon as you're gone, I'll be describing your unbelievable rudeness and inconsiderateness to my co-workers.

7. If I say no tomatoes on a Big Mac, and there are none already on there, thats perfect. I don't need you to tell me that it doesn't have tomoatoes, quit wasting my time and order that shit up.
- I won't tell you, but again, once you've left, I'll be reporting your stupidity to the rest of the store.

8. If I hand you change after you've already totaled my order, you will take it and like it. Its not my fault you were too impatient..just take what i give you!
- Mmm, sorry, but if my till is unbalanced, I get in trouble. I know you don't care, and I don't expect you to, but I do care, and I'll refuse your business if I care too. Call my manager if you want. At least I don't have to deal with you any longer.

9. I save my sweaty, wrinkly bills for you..along with my sticky change.If you don't like it the unemployment office is thattaway.
- I'll take whatever you give me, but I am not required by my job restrictions not to make a face at the grime on your money. Any manager you complain to will laugh in your face, and if not, they'll laugh when you're gone.

10. Dont make me fucking ask you if my sauce is in the bag. I shouldn't have to ask for it in the first place.
- So you can sue me when I put something you're allergic to in the bag, endangering your life? No thanks. Ask, and I'll be more than happy to give you sauce. I'm not psychic, unfortunately.

11. When you hand me my food.. and say "have a nice day!" and I dont respond with a smile, a "thanks, you too" or at least acknowledge your existence.. its because you are a pissant and I could care less.
- That's fine, because you are just another rude moron in an endless stream of rude morons, and I have forgotten you exist once you have left my sight, unless you give me some reason to discuss you further.

12. Dont ask me to repeat my order.. we're talking about cheeseburgers , not get it fucking right dammit!
- If you speak 100 words a second above whatever music you might have blaring out of your car speakers, or whatever you're doing, I will ask you to repeat. If you don't want to, then don't. I'm just trying to get your order correct so I can get rid of you. And if you come back, I don't deal with you, my manager does.

13. When I come into the lobby two minutes before you close. I dont care if youve already cleaned. You will make me what I want FRESH ,and it will not cause you to do unspeakable things to my food, or I will put you six feet under.
- My manager will decide if you can have what you want, and if I DO happen to do anything unspeakable to your food, chances are you'll never even realize it.

14. If I ask you for a moment to decide , BE READY when I start placing my order, I expect you to wait hanging on my next words to start taking my order and CORRECTLY!
- Unfortunately for you, I'm not there to serve you and you alone. There are other people in the store I can be serving, other things I have to do. If you need extra time to pick out what you want, that's fine, but don't be rude to me simply because you're indecisive.

15. If I have a "turbo disel" truck or an abnormally loud vehicle..TURN UP YOUR FUCKING MICROPHONE? I guarentee you'll find it much easier to understand each other.
- My mic only goes to a certain level, and your engine is just making unintelligible noise in my ear at a louder volume, which doesn't help anyone.

16. Dont check my bills to see if they are counterfeit. You aren't a bank I am not paying for my Combo meal with a hundo. Get over it.
- Maybe you are. And what reason have you given me to trust you? If your money is fake, I get busted. And again, I know you don't care, but I do, so I will check it. Again, call my manager. I'm much happier doing something else other than talking to you.

17. When I order a combo and then when you ask what kind of drink and I tell you I dont want one. Take that off the fucking bill you IDIOT!
- Well, if you had any sense, you'd know that a combo comes with a drink. That's why it's called a combo. But your intelligence aside, my register only allows me to remove certain things from the order. Don't like that? Go talk to the company that makes the computer program that runs our registers. They'll help you.

18. When I pull to the window and hear/see you taking another order.. If I start talking to you about my order you better be listening you rude whore.
- I might be listening, but I won't necessarily do anything about it. If you're rude, I can refuse your business. Once again, talk to my manager. I think you know why I won't care.

19. After I pay, I will proceed to the next window if noone is in front of me.. Our business is over.
- I'm glad you know how a drive-thru works. Good for you.

20. Be prepared to provide me with a receipt when I ask for it not when it is convenient for you, dumbass.
- It's not convenient in any way for me to get you a receipt anywhere, but the fact that it prints down at the next window is not within my control. I can go to the window and get it for you if you really want, but that'll take me more time, and since you're going there yourself soon - in less time, if you stop wasting my time - it's a tad redundant. But whatever you want.

21. If its 5 minutes after breakfast ends and lunch starts. Throw a god damned mcmuffin in the microwave a hash brown in the fryer and shut the hell up!
- I don't control time. Sorry. Our leftover breakfast food is in the garbage can. I'll be more than happy to heat it up and serve it to you with a smile.

22. If I am a senior citizen , and I drive past the speaker and say I forget to orderTake my order you snot nosed, pimple faced, no respect for your elders, minimum wage working, greasy fingered CUNT!
- I'll take your order, politely and your-advanced-age-and-dubious-intelligent-level-respectingly. But you'll still be waiting in the line. Sorry, the younger people got there before you did.

23. For the LOVE OF GOD, if you know you should..then cover your damn self up! just cause you ate 10 times your weight in big macs this month, doesnt mean I want to see the rolls coming out of your pants!
- My uniform is designed to cover everything it's supposed to. Your clothing might not be. You can wear whatever I want, but don't think I'm not pointing you out to my co-workers. And as long as we're stereotyping, if you're eating at McDonalds anyways, your figure can't be that fantastic. Big Macs are about 500 calories, you know.

24. If my card is declined.. assume its your fault. Put some damn money in the register and buy my meal, cheap ass.
- Certainly. I'll just use my minimum wage to pay for your food. But if that's what I'm doing, then you are most certainly not paying for good service, and you will most certainly not get any.

25. Do realize that i can hear everything you say from the moment I pull up to the speaker till I drive off. so if you're talking shit , dont act so suprised when im not exactly friendly when I get to the window.
- I'm not stupid enough to risk my job by pointing out your idiocy when you can hear me. But you're not in the store, so I'll be saying whatever I please about you there. Don't think I'm not.

26. If you are busy taking an order, I will put my money on the ledge and expect you to do wait holding out your hand with my change.
- Go ahead. But I won't get it if it blows away or falls off. Call my manager.

27. If my kid's got 10 of the same toy already.. I expect you to provide me with a different one, and apologize for being so rude to not know that I already had that particular toy!
- Even if I do see you and your undoubtedly overweight child three times a day through my window, I'm not keeping track of your toys. That's you, the parent's, job. Call my manager.

28. Do you fucking KNOW what PLAIN means.. dont feel the need to ask me if that means "meat and cheese only!"
- I can't be responsible for what the kitchen staff does. I type in plain. What comes out the other end has nothing to do with me after that. I'm far too busy dealing with the rest of your order.

29. When I am at the screen I expect the god damned total to be there, and for it to match what you tell me the total is, and then for it to be the same when I get to the window. How fucking hard is it, seriously?
- Not hard at all. As long as you don't change anything, the total will be the same for as long as you like.

30. I want a large ice cream cone.. put it in a cup, and throw the cone on top if you have to, bitch.
- That's a plain sundae, not a cone. Be a little more specific and you'll get whatever you want.

31. Dont worry, it isnt your fat ass, special sauce stained shirt wearing, nappy ass haired self, I am trying to impress with my new sports car
- It's lovely. I'm sure your blonde, 20 something, empty headed mistress thinks so too.

32. Don't be surprised when I come through drive thru and then tell the manager at the 2nd window that you were slower than molasses running uphill on a cold day. Drive thru is SUPPOSED to be fast.
- The manager knows how fast I'm going. He/she knows me pretty well, in fact. So they'll know that when you bitch about me, you're just another customer with a stick up their ass.

33. If I need cash back, be prepared to give it, my money is just as good for 20 over, idiot.
- I have no function for that on my register. Again, go talk to the company that makes our registers. They'll be right with you.

34. When I order free water and then sit in front your window and ask what the hold up MOVE FASTER, if I wanted a dumbass look I would go back to see you in 1st grade math class.
- I assure you, I'm moving as fast as I possibly can, mostly to get rid of you as fast as I possibly can.

35. If I ordered a burger without pickles and they somehow ended up there anyway.. I expect you to throw away that sandwich, yes I want to SEE YOU do it, then make me a new one, and no I don't want to wait, give me the next one off the fucking line!
- I'll throw it away. That's how it works, actually. But, curiously enough, the next sandwich on the line will have pickles on it too. That's also how it works. Give me two seconds, and you'll have no pickles. Enjoy.

36. CLEAN. UP. MY. MESS . those uniforms are conveniently located on your ugly ass for a reason.
- Sorry, I'm not your mother or your wife, and this is not a restaurant where the waiter cleans up your empty dishes. I'm not a waiter. I'm a server. I serve your food. After that, whatever you do with it is none of my business.

37. If I am the passenger of the car or in the backseat and you cant hear me.. TURN UP THE DAMN MIC when I am ordering for everyone in the car.
- I'll turn up the mic as loud as it can go, but it's got limits. Talk to the company that makes our headsets. They'll be just as devoted to you as the company that makes our registers.

38. If my kids and other passengers are trying to order all at the sametime. Listen closely cause we arent going to want to repeat ourselves you moron.
- 5 people talking at once translates into pure gibberish on my end. And I wasn't trained in gibberish as part of my training.

39. If you let go of my money before i grab it, or you drop it while you are handing it to me.. I REALLY DO expect you to get it for me..I DO NOT CARE if I am closer.
- Certainly. But you'll be in the line for all the extra time it takes me to go to the front of the store, out the door, around the corner, through the drive-thru lane, to pick up your money and hand it to you. Have fun waiting.

40. The point of "easy ice" is so that my drink is still cold and you dont rape me for even more than you already are by giving me 6oz of a drink in a 16 oz cup, put in enough ice to make it cold and THATS IT. I dont care if your ABS machine dosent even have that setting. Dump it out if you have to, idiot.
- If you're intrepid enough to tell me the exact amount of ice cubes you desire, I'll be intrepid enough to ensure you have that exact amount.

41. if you wouldnt talk like you have SHIT in your mouth, i could understand you the first time...
- Your understanding of English has nothing to do with me. Perhaps a few classes would help.

42. If you are having a conversation for a few seconds with the car in front of me.. I will honk my horn.. you can chit chat with your friends later, bag up my food and snap to it.
- Honk to your heart's desire. It doesn't mean the car in front is going to move any faster. In fact, you've probably pissed the guy off, so he'll make sure to take extra long to move away.

43. DONT TALK SHIT as I am leaving the first window. I still have another window i can bitch you out at..and trust me I WILL.!
- I will never talk shit about you when you are within hearing range. Once you're gone, however...

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you people? This person was merely showing how the majority of fast food employees feel. Have any of you worked at a McDonald's ever? You get sick of rude careless people who believe that they are above you merely because you're the one who is serving them.
In point of fact, the majority of McDonalds' employees are in school and are paying off debt or just making a little money on the side.
We are just concerned with doing our jobs and getting the work day over with. It's people like you who continue to disgust us with your superiority complex and irrational impatience. Would it kill you to see us human beings?
Finally, no one is going to spit in your burger. Nevermind the fact that there are people watching you all the time, including cameras that link into the manager's office, we don't care enough. This was a rant to let out frustration in a healthy way.
Seriously, get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

ere's me n the boys, we pulled the big red Rude truck up in front of McDonald's ere yesterday. Big dual cab, full of garbage, shit everywhere. Truck drivers'll know what I'm talking about. Chip wrappers, coke tins, yeah shit everywhere - Full condoms with knots in em from your mum's house.

We filled up 2 big McDonald's garbage bins with the shit out of our truck. Manager walks out, he goes "what d' you think you're doing?" I said, "we're putting our McRubbish in your fucking McBin, mate, that's what we're McDoin.. And as soon as we MACfinish, me n the MAC Rowdies... were all gonna go to yer nice clean mcToilets, and were all gonna pump a big mcshit into each of em, give her back a couple of ya MACnuggets ya MAC Fuck. NOW GET IN THERE N MAKE ME A MCSHIT BURGER...

and make sure its got plenty of mcMayonnaise, coz if it dont got plenty of mcMayonnaise ya couldnt mcFuckin mcTaste it, and make sure its gotta mcSponge mcRubber mcBun. Ill kick ya MAC Garbage Bins all over ya MAC pissant narrow little mcFuckedUp mcDriveway.

- It ain't big enough for me Car, I'll back me McFour-Wheel-Drive all over your pissant McFuckin McShrubs! I'll hook me McWinch on your McMenu and tow it to fuckin McVictor Harbour! That's what I'll McDo! McFuck McOff back in there and get me a McBig McBreakfast that's McSmall!

Big McBreakfast my McAss! It's a McMinute McBreakfast, with your McPowdered eggs and your McChemical McFeast! McFuck McOff back to McAmerica - coming over here and changing our McCulture! - It' ain't McFries, it's fuckin chips! it's ain't McFries, it's chips! If I McCome in here to-McMorrow and it ain't McChanged from McFries to chips, I'll cause you some serious McPain,

'cause I've been McPissin in yer McSpeaker n chuckin a McRock at ya McMenu. ill McBack me McFour-Wheel-Drive outa here and 25 other McCunts can McFucken McBack. Or wear my McFuckin towbar in there McFuckin McRoom. If i catch that mcRonald McDonald hangin round my kids ill McSmack him. He should be hangin round McMichael McJackson. Dirty big McPaddle McShoes hes got, ill rip em off his big fucken white paddly feet n pat him on the head with it. Anybody who wears dirty big shoes like that's a fucken clown.

Anonymous said...

First off, that person should be fired for saying she does unspeakable things to the food and every fast food "career" she tries to get into should know of her nasty attitude and ways. She needs Customer Service classes or just get over the fact that she works at McDonald's and take the darn pickles off. Here's idea, just get it right the first time. BTW, it is "our way" when we PAY for it. Hmmm, how well do you like your life, sounds bitter to me.

Anonymous said...

Are you people that simple minded to think this girl is trying to vent?? She had obviously stated what she does to the food. For a person to be so nasty because she can't handle the public, it's no wonder she is working in the fast food industry. What "real" company would allow such disgusting work ethics?? Venting and threatening is different. She is just plain nasty and I will definitely watch closely while my food is prepared.

Anonymous said...

I worked at mcdonalds for 1 and a half year. I think that the McRules are 200% true. I think that people need to read it carefully. Thank Joanna for publishing this.

Anonymous said...

200% true? jeez no wonder the customers complain, you couldn't even give them the right change...

Anyway once you get older you will realise how much of a bitch you were and how easy your life really was back then. Because jobs don't get much less stressful than maccas, just wait till your managing director of a company... (not that you ever will be) and shareholders and bosses are raping you, while other companies and customers wanna sue your arse off everyday, and someone (ie You) have to fire employees everyday. As Socrates said "Doing wrong is more contemptible than suffering wrong"

Anonymous said...

While there is no shame in working at a fast food restaurant at 25 if you need the job, there IS shame in behaving badly at work just because you hate your life. Don't take your problems out on the customers, if not for them, you would have no job. Part of being a grownup is having to take crap occasionally from unhappy and rude customers. Learning to take it gracefully shows maturity. If you can't handle anything but nice people, you'll never get anywhere in life. You'll definitely never get beyond Mc Donald's with that attitude.

Anonymous said...

237 comments later...Amazing how sensitive we all are about this issue. Maybe the key is, we all learn to be nicer to each other?

I've been on both sides of the counter. Customers can be rude, but so can the employees. Worked retail for a few years until I said "enough" and went back to school to change my life. But as stressed out as I got, I never did "unspeakable things" to merchandise. That's crossing a line from regular job stress to emotional problems. Hope she got herself out of there and into a different type of job.

Anonymous said...

im gonna add to her list.

dont ask for fries without salt then ask for salt packets afterwards. if you want fresh fries just ask for it. we have to whether we want to or not. have it your way remember dumb ass.

dont call me an idiot or say get it right when i take your order correctly and the GRILL person messed up your order. if i messed up i have no problem with bieng yelled at, you just give me something to laugh at at the end of the day.

when you have an order without nuggets and ask for sauces, most of us go against the rule and risk a wright up depending on where you work and give a you a cup or two, wich is more than enough for a medium fry. dont say can i have more, or ask for five or six, pay the dam extra 24 cents and be glad i gave you some in the first place.

dont complain to me about having to pay for sauces, im just going by store polocy. i got called a cheap ass the other day in hand out. it was a fun little argument.

when i take your order and its a coffee, im barely handing you your change, dont ask me where is the coffee, or go and the cofffee? its not gonna magically apear in front of you as soon as i punch it in. give me time to go and pour some for you. this is the problem with costomers, many have no pacience.

please dont ask me witch i like better, weather you want grilled or crispy, ceaser to ranch salad or other silly questions of this sort. you put me in a position to choose for you wich i hate, and we all have different taste.

if i ask whether you want crispy or grilled chicken, why do some people reply with a yes? and please dont say wich ever you like.

when your short, dont stare at me expecting me to let you slide or pay for you, one ill be short, two, whats the next costomer gonna think?

dont complain to me about the prices or ask me why this one is more expensive than the other, i work at mcdonalds but im not fucken mcdonalds.

dont ask me through the drive thru speaker what toy we have, chances are i have no idea, and i have to leave the booth, hold up the drive thru, find what damm toy we have and try and explain what it is. get out of you damm car, go into the lobby, ask one the employees to show you you lazy ass.

do not go through the drive thru solly to speak to a manager, just dont

dont complain about a bad experience at another mcdonalds. we cant and wont do anything for you. and we dont care.

dont tell me your going to jack in the box next time or to burger king, go ahead, you dont like our service you dont have to come.

dont come in asking for low fat this and low fat that, its a fast food restauraunt, even our low fat items are still fatning the most food, ive read through every items nutritional imformation at mcdonalds.

dont curse at a 16 17 or 18 year old employeee and your in your 20s or 30s, thats wrong no matter who it is. have balls to do it to someone of your age, or go to the manager your wuss.

dont go up to my register or window talking on your cell and act like im the rude one when i ask may i help you, your the rude one, get out of the line and finish your damm call.

take off your fucken ipod cd or mp3 device so we can properly communicate so later you come back saying its the wrong order.

dont try and be funny and order a cheeseburger without cheese, or a hamburger with cheese, its been done before, alot. your not that geniun.

dont get mad when i throw a food item away that has gone to waste or an ice cream i messed up on explaining how a starving person could have eating it, or i could have givin it to you for free. your an idiot.

dont be upset if we have a hard time understanding you through the speaker, we are trying to talk to you through your vehicles engine, traffic, wind, and im also taking care of the car currently at my window. and the head sets suck.

dont tell me how to do my job. just dont.

dont complain saying it shouldnt take so long for one sandwich. i dont care how you think it works, but if you see a long line, chances are drive thru is packed to, the initiator in the back makes the orders as they come for both counter and drive thru, it doesnt go from the smallest orders to largest.

dont ask me to hurry up on an order, i take your order i dont make it.

please, by all means, flame me on this thread.

Anonymous said...

some of u guys really have to shut up ive just got a job in MCDICK and its really annoying. if u no ur in mcd then u shud no its junk food and shit. and they think coz its cheap and fast and were treatin them nice they can say anythin and do anything. if u know ur goin to mcdick then u shud kno its junk food or watever so shut the fuck up and watever theyre givin u and wit the money ur payin u cant get anythin better than theyre giving you. there was this guy walking in and he went to the other window just standing there and i asked him to move his afat ass but he was jus stnding there. n im not aloowed to go to the other windows so i just took the persons order that was standing beside me and he made a fight out of it. and theres lots of assholes they eat theyre food and the come to complain. and we cant say nothing to them than sorry and givin them another burger and mony back at the time that u jus wanna punch them in the face.anyway its a shity job and most the people areee fukced up.

Anonymous said...

man you work at mc.donalds.... dont expect to get treated great people are assholes and if u cant handle it, dont work. and if ur gunna do things to peoples food i hope u get fired.and guees what...what goes around comes around so if u do something to someones food ,next time u eat out dont be suprised if they do it to u

Anonymous said...

I have several points here.

First off, I work at Mcdonalds. Did I rely on my "coke whore skills" to get me through high school? No, actually I graduated with a 3.8. Am I an "Uneducated, unskilled worker?" Actually I'm a college sophomore (ended freshman year with a 3.7 thank you very much). Just because I take your order, don't think you know me.

I will also let you know that you cannot "train a monkey" to do my job. I am fairly certain that whoever said that has never actually done my job. I work hard. I am on my feet for eight hours a day, during busy hours, I am often trying to sort out four or five large, complicated orders at a time (please forgive me if I make a mistake or two, I will honestly do my best to get you what you want. )My job is not easy, and its not exactly well paying either.

Yes, some of us may not be very ambitious, have not tried to make our way up the ladder, whatever, some of us are also college or high school students, some of us are single mothers trying to support a family. Please don't take those stereotypes and apply it to all of us, until you know each of our stories, you have no right to judge.

Next, regardless of how much you think you are paying me, as a human being, don't I deserve respect? The same respect any other human being deserves?

What if you hired a contractor to work on your house, a wedding planner to plan your wedding, a babysitter to care for your children. Does that fact that they are in your pay give you the right to treat them like less than human?

Yes, if you come to my mcdonalds, in a way, I work for you. I honestly do my best to give you what you want. I will give you my time, my labor, my polite hellos, however forced they sometimes have to come, but I will not sacrifice my dignity.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how uptight can you get! Here are some things that Joanna should know!

1. How hard can it be for you to take of a few pickles or the dressing of a big mac or whatever it may be, but yet you want the customers to take it off? If thats how you want it, then fine, we'll take them off, throw them on the floor, and laugh as we watch you clean them up, that'll teach you take them off next time!

2. I think you should really get a life!

Anonymous said...

ok all you guys are stupid as hell first off no one ever does anything to your food, second a fast food place is the worst place to work ever i just quit mcdonalds best decision ever in my life. lets see next no you are not allowed to sit there and look in your bag at the drive thru for 6 mins your foods in there hello did you know we are payed by how fast we can assembly and hand out the orders, and how are you going to sterotype that the teenagers are going to do stuff to your food, no one will do anything to your food thats just a myth i worked there for over a year not one case of that and i was training to be a manager. and yes i will roll my eyes at you if your going to ask for ketchep at the window ask for it at the speech box, thank you i get better times therefore better pay...ok there you go you cant even imagine working at a fast food place it is the worst place ever.

Anonymous said...

Too right ive worked there before through collage you do serve some of the most pathetic people ever to exist. Glad I dont work there any more and I would strongly reccomend not doing so even part time. As unspeakable things happening to your food go that is generally reserved for the more abusive and picky customers however I have never done it to anyone.The company does aim at the lower classes for buisness however so you do get parents comeing in sometimes twice a day to feed there kid and that is quite appaling really. Also when it comes to five to eleven why do people seem to come in there drones to eat there, how about set off an hour earlyer and solve a relitively simple problem!

Anonymous said...

I've had to work fast food for a while. Seems the customers haven't changed. Certainly seems the attitude of certain employees hasn't changed either. There is an obvious reason you are working a 'McJob'. You don't have the intelligence and attitude for a real world job. Quit whining about customers, SFTU and do the fucking job you're getting paid for. Welcome to reality.

Anonymous said...

I work at McDonalds. I agree with this. And yes, McDonalds is a strenuous job. We have to work our asses of to please people we will probably never see again. We have to clean for you. When you ask us what's in a meal, we have to politely say fries and a drink; when what we're really thinking is "are you seriously that dumb?".

And by unspeakable things, we mean spit in your burgers. Although that almost never happens. And when it does, that doesn't mean every store is doing it. Those actions are based on one person, not the entire crew.

And I work at McDonalds because I'm 14 and I need to get paid. Not because I'm stupid. I'm an honor student, and I went to a Private School. I'm probably richer than half of you. I wear two hundred dollar ties. Some of you don't spend that much on shoes. So don't judge me as poor, stupid, or scrubby. I'm much better than you and I work at McDonalds to get more rich than I already am and to help out with the taxes so we can have more money to spend on more important things, like twelve hundred dollar backpacks and purses.

And I get so annoyed with customers. Especially seniors. But everyone in general. I hate it how some fat fuck can thing that because he's on the other side of the counter, he is more powerful than me and better than me. Remember, I'm the one punching in the order. And I'm the one wearing Gucci shoes. And I hate it how people yell when you can't hear them. Honestly, speak up to begin with or don't go so fucking fast.

Do you know how it feels to be in, I don't know, college trying to take notes while the teacher is talking. Then you ask the teacher to repeat that and they say you should have been listening. Thats how it is. It's impossible to punch in what your saying when your taking all the condiments off of every damn burger you order.

Let me explain something. We have a menu on our screen too. With little buttons. Those buttons have sub menus and more sub menus. So that one little screen has to contain every possible thing we can sell, get it? Thats why it's so hard to follow you. Because if you want a Big Mac with no pickles or Mac sauce; we have to do whats called "grilling" it. That means we have to press a button "grill" which then a sub menu comes up that has buttons like "no" and "add" and "Mac sauce" and we have to type in a combination of buttons so it can form "No Mac Sauce" so the people in the kitchen can see that the Big Mac has no sauce. So next time you want to grill everything you order, slow down.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot of the rules. HAHA, I've been employed at McDonalds for about 6 years now and I've seen everything!
Here are some of my favorite rants.

1. Be prepared to order when you pull into the drive thru. Our menu hasn't changed THAT much in the past 10 years.

2. Don't have you're kids order for you. It may seem "cute" but It's extremelly annoying.

3. If your order was done correctly, don't call and say you were missing items. 80% of the time, you weren't and just wanted free food.

4. If you order a "Happy Meal" SPECIFY WHICH ONE YOU WANT.

5. We arn't your maids, we make your food, atleast clean up after yourselves, pigs.

6. The toy thing, I agree. If you have to ask for a different toy, stop bringing your kid to McDonalds soo much. You're the reason todays society is so obese.

7. If you're in the Drive Thru ask to have your food made "fresh", don't get mad if we tell you it will be 4 minutes and to pull forward.

8. Don't ask for giant hand fulls of ketchup, if you really need ketchup, I'll give you a dollar so you can go buy a bottle at the Dollar Tree.

9. Don't ask for fries with no salt and then ask for salt packets. If you want fresh fries, ask for them. You're only endangering the employee to oil burns.

10. Don't ask how much something is unless you're illiterate and can't read the menu board or the item isn't plainly displayed.

11. Don't let your kids get their own soda. Period.

12. If you're in a hurry, come sooner. The 90 second rule was easier when everyone wasn't changing every sandwich in their order.

13. Good lord I could keep going.

Without customers, we wouldn't have jobs, that's a true fact. But don't take advantage of the minimum wage workers, like one person commented, atleast the older workers arn't abuseing unemployment/welfare. Or standing on the side of the freeway begging for money. I'm a 20 year old McDonalds manager and I make more than people who work at banks, or at reputable clothing stores.

We have over 10000$ in sales daily, that means we have hundreds of customers hourly, if someone doesn't get their sandwich made perfectly, don't go crying to the 1 800 number. Nothing gets taken care of by doing that. You get better results if you contact the owner of the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

just in case you were all wondering about her working and not going to school... if you actually read down, you will realise that is the reason she is working at Mcdonalds. To pay for her tuition... McDonalds offers the most flexible shift schedule i have ever seen, I worked there for over 2 years, while going to school with a 4.0 and playing rep hockey almost everyday. I was able to get the schedule that fit my lifestyle... there is NO WAY i could have worked another just with less compromise! Its true, customers treat us like absolute shit. All we ask is be patient with us, many customers ramble off too fast and too quiet but get pissed of when we ask them to repeat their orders. Most of the people I had the chance to work with were either high school or university students... my managers included.

Anonymous said...

I worked at McDonald's for a year. I'm 16, and agree w/ the list! After a bad day, or in the middle of a huge line, the last thing I wanna hear is "My kid wants the blue guy, can you go get him?" and having to hold up the line to grab a box of new toys I'm not even supposed to open yet, for some bitch, who doesn't even say "thanks" on the way out. I think McRules should be posted in the restaurants. This job is stressful whether you think so or not and the little things count.

Anonymous said...

The last time I was in a McD's I ordered a "quarter-pounder mccheese with ketchup only on that mumm-futt" The person taking the order didn't bat an eye. My order was exactly what I asked for. I was very thankful and even bowed appreciatively. I wonder if one had to do with the other?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I notice this girl's blog is no longer available. I hope the people at McDonalds turned her over to their legal dept. As for the obviously young people who think we're uptight, they'll think differently in a year or two. It's called maturity, and it means you don't want some prissy brat spitting on your food.

yeah and you're probly the kind of people she was talking about.
so just die... die slowly

Anonymous said...

First off.... As a "Mickey D's" employee I have to say that there are customers who come in that are totally out of line... And if your pickles are left on your double cheese you really shouldn't come back to me with an attitude.. The cooks in the back are the ones who screwed your "dbl w/o pickles" up... If you see on your receipt that I didn't put no pickles then you have the right to get upset with me as it is my fault. Mickey D's is ten times cleaner and sanitary then most people think.. So basically when you are going in to order your food, at least have an idea of what you're ordering or do us a favor and just ask whats on it... Pay attention to your reciept, and don't get an attitude as we have the right to refuse your service when you become violent and have the right to call a law enforcement oficer to help escort you off the property. Just be nice and be understanding.. As an employee you server hundreds of customers in a day sometimes in a few hours.. There are many opportunities for mistakes and you should be happy that we make as few as we do and still get your food to you hot, fast, and most of the time exactly what your tastebuds were expecting.

Anonymous said...

I laugh so hard at you people, who are acting like you are better than anyone who works at maccas... it pays well, its pretty easy and most of us are using this to pay for uni.. as opposed to those who sit around doing nothing all day?? yeh if you treat us like crap then yes we will give you attitude. we dont care about you .. really.. we get paid the same amount whether you like us or not.. another thing.. if you have that much of an awesome life... why the hell are you wasting your time on here?? soo sweet of u

Anonymous said...

As a employee at Mcds (and a college student with a 3.8 GPA - thank you), I find these McRules funny and a little scary. I agree with almost everything but the whole "doing someting to your food" part. What she's trying to do is just raise awareness of what customers need to do or know. It gets frustating, not only because that one person is screaming at you, but because of those 20 people that screamed at you in a 3 hour period. Customers need to realize that they're not alone, that we get mutiples of them and they all add up.

Also, customers may not know this but at McDs our managers and bosses just care about our times. From the moment we enter that first item of your order we are timed. We are expected to get you out of drive thru in 90 seconds. OUr managers want to make the times so they don't get yelled at by their bosses. So we are forced to get things done quickly, which is why we may some of the rules above are written. I know, at least at my McDonalds, my bosses care more about time than quality. I'm not saying this is right, but just making it aware.

Anonymous said...

I know that some people are rude but a lot of those things aren't that bad. Here's an idea, stop whining and get a real job. And there are always going to be stupid people in the world so you should get used to it.

Anonymous said...

I have been working at McD's for a little over a year and a half. I'm 17 and a college freshman. Although the this list went somewhat overboard, customers do need to realize that we are only human too. We make mistakes, and just because we work at McD's doesnt mean we are stupid. I was promoted to being a manager when I was 16, and McDonald's can really be more stressful and more difficutl than people think. Just imagine serving over 40 customers in 20 minutes by yourself. Or working nonstop from 9pm-4:15am. Its not alawys the easiest job. And when customers get rude or demanding, they only worsen the situation. I try to treat every customer with respect and be polite to everyone, but if you are being rude to me, then what is my motivation? All I ask is for the acknowledgment that I exist, then you will definitely get a "thank you come again." Be extra courteous and make me laugh or something, and I will actually be glad doing things you ask for. (An extra cup of water or extra sauce, changing your order, etc.) Patience is a virtue, and we expect you to treat us the same way you want us to treat you. That's all we ask for, please and thanks.

Concerning the list. Our food is fresh and rarely will anything happen to your food. (and if it does, that person is just disrespectful, indecent, and should NOT be working at McD's.) If something is made wrong, we will make you anew burger. Like I said, mistakes happen, and we know when we are wrong. As long as your attitude reflects an understanding of this, its all good.

Anonymous said...

"Dont scream at me if i ask you to repeat your order.. we're talking about cheeseburgers , not calm down!"

The last part says it all, calm down. Most of your complaints are concerning things you should be doing anyway or are part of your job. You work in fast food, what do you expect?

Christina said...

Alright, guys. Obviously a good portion of the people posting have never worked at McDonald's. I know I'm going to get shit for this, but it IS a stressful job. I'm not saying it's hard, because it's not. But it's stressful.

Have YOU ever worked at a place where you come in contact with hundreds of people a day, all of which are in a hurry and all of which think you are mentally challenged and/or going nowhere in life, IF and when they even acknowledge the fact that you are a human being at all? Does that sound like a place where you would go to every day with a positive attitude and good feelings toward the customers?

I'm not an idiot. I graduated high school with a 3.2 GPA and I'm going to college to major in International Studies this fall. McDonald's is a job to pay the bills.

The job sucks. Anyone who's ever worked there knows EXACTLY what this girl is talking about. We've ALL felt like spitting in a customer's burger before. I knew exactly what she was talking about in every single one of her points. If the customers are going to call US stupid, they need to step back and look at what idiots they are themselves half the time. How about you fucking leave Joanna alone, ok? Jeez, these rules were posted as a joke. And to use her words, it's fucking McDonald's, not missiles. We're allowed to complain, we're doing the shit job you all think you're too high and mighty to do.

Anonymous said...

McDumpster's has problems? Shut it.

Deal with a hospital setting, saving a pedo's life or someone that sees all of whitey as evil, knowing that you TOOK AN OATH to help them.

Really. McD's isn't something to brag about.

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of people who choose not to work because they are too lazy, you should admire the people who work at McDonalds. It may not be the best (or highest ranking) job in the world but it's a job and the people who work there are only there because they need to be, I'm pretty sure if you didn't need to work and could live comfourtably without a job then a lot of the people who commented here would. I work in a McDonalds resteraunt but that's only because it meets my needs at the moment, flexible hours, fortnightly pay etc.

Just because someone works in a fast food resteraunt, it doesn't mean that they are bellow the customer. The customer pays to come to the resteraunt, whereas the worker is paid to be there...

Anonymous said...

Wow people seem really pissed with this, I found it funny.....Isn't that how its supposed to be? I think people have totally missed the point that this is supposed to be a joke. I work in McDonalds, and yes, I do sometimes get treated like some sort of robot, not capable to think for myself, and if I make a mistake, its sometimes its made out to be the worst thing in the world. Reading this just makes me laugh because you get customers like that. Yes she said about the 'unspeakable things to your food' But I know for a fact that would be impossible in most McDonalds because its so serious. I think everyone should just lighten up, and see the funny side. Laugh not moan. In fact I'm going to add another one. :)

Don't order your food to take away, get halfway down te street with it, and then come all the way back and say its cold....

Anonymous said...

I'm 16, and I work at McDonalds, I think some people on here should respect the fact that us young people are there, and not on the streets causing havock, or smoking dope, drinking, mugging old ladies with knives in our pockets. We're out there, earning money for ourselves, the way it should be and we DO have to put up with this crap listed in Joanna's blog. I think everyone should just get off thier high hoarses, and realise that no-one is better than anyone, we're all the same. No matter what your job you could still get hit by a bus or whatever tomorow (Unless you're a bus driver ¬_¬ LOL). Lifes too short.

Anonymous said...


Recently I made a valid complaint to McDonalds customer services dept. about McDonalds poor standards at thier Harben Parade branch at Swiss Cottage, London NW3. The complaint concerned slow service, abrasive attitudes, and matters about unacceptable hygeine standards.

The complaint was passed on to the store by customer services, following which the store's manager, Bakry, promptly banned me from the store. He did not deny that my complaint was valid, but was told that I was banned simply becauseI I had made the complaint in the first place. Their management team consists entirely of immigrants, having come here on dodgy visas and the like, and all of which in favour of my ban, which shows how much we are now under the control of illegal immigrants.

Perhaps this is consistent with McDonalds training practices. It would appear that you have to accept their adverse practices without question or suffer the consequences, as I myself did.

Anonymous said...

Don't hand me my drink with the pop running down the sides of the cup!

Anonymous said...

Unless you work in fast food you have no right to critisise her. You people who come in to mcdonalds and think that you better then everyone can kiss off. you no batter then the person behind the counter taking your order. Without them where else would you eat? without all the "small" people to step on you wont get anywere. Just remember that the next time someone pisses you off. And as far as coming in two minutes before they close, mcdonalds employees are people and have lives to so maybe just like EVERYONE else they want to leave and get home to there families.

Anonymous said...

First of all I would like to say how funny I think the McRules are, and as a McDonald's employee, I agree with almost all of them.
Secondly, I am a crew trainer at my store, and I for one do not allow people to do nasty things to people's food just because they were a jerk to them, so hopefully that makes some of you people less affraid to stop by your local McDonalds for lunch. In fact, when people are jerks, I try even harder to please them and be friendly because usually they are so unhappy with themselves and are expecting me to be rude that they become even angrier. (my little revenge and still follow the rules)
As for McDonald's rules, if you knew the people at my store, they would tell you I am a hitler about them. In my opinion if you're going to do a job, you might as well do it the correct way. Now, as for people being jerks. McDonalds, despite general speculation, is in no way an easy job. It's stressful to have a full screen of orders, and to have your manager not to mention customers yelling at you to go faster, but fast is McDonalds goal. Good food, fast. I do have sympathy for people who behave like jerks when they get food that has sit in the cabinets for an hour and fries that are past their holding time...which is why I try to make people control production and throw out old food. BUT when I try everything to get you your good food, fast and you still yell at me because there are 2 pickles on your double cheeseburger when you asked for no pickles, yes, I'm going to be a little angry at you but I'm not going to do anything to the food to hurt it. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that there is no reason for people to be jerks to McDonald's employees unless they were a jerk first or they have really done something stupid, and I know, workers do a lot of stupid stuff, and if you constantly see these things happen, get the store number of the mcdonald's your dealing with, and call corporate. They have the power to take away the franchise license away from the owner/operator, just some food for thought.

Anonymous said...

First of all screw your MacRules.
listen carefully. I Don't Like Peaple who work in one of those fast foodchains. your deaf and lazy OK.

Anonymous said...

Sorry we don't fry burgers at mcdonalds we grill them, hence the reason we have GRILLS. We don't try to get annoyed with people, but when orders are ridiculous we get frustrated. I do agree that if you ordered a burger without pickles and you want it remade, or if you want to make sure we put everything in your bag before pulling away it's fine. I don't know about her but if people want to come in 2 minutes before closing we don't get mad or anything we just say it'll have to be to go because we're closing. i don't know why she's getting worked up though, i work there and i don't huff and puff about it, except at rush. i say she's got a point but the way she says it is wrong.

A teenage employee

Anonymous said...

hi, yeah gimme a double cheeseburger without beef, cheese, onions, pickles, mustard or ketchup. Also, gimme a large diet coke without ice, or the cup. I also want a large order of fries without any potatoes, or salt. thanks and come again!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not everyone working at McDonald's is 'retarded'- some do it for the quick cash and flexible hours while they're studying for their degree. Yeah, that thing most of the ones talking about the 'retards working there' don't have.
I've found it's the trailer trash and general scum of the earth who think they're superior to you cos you work there- most professionals never would. (Maybe cos they also worked there while studying fo their degree...)

Jose Sanchez said...

Anonymous who said she belongs in jail, you are stupid. Actually, she was joking. A few years ago that might have been possible, but managers have been more strict about this and no longer happens as much. Really, can;t you take a joke?

Jose Sanchez, McD's Employee said...

Adding to her Blog. PLEASE PEOPLE:
1) Ask for a double cheeseburger without cheese(It's a double hamburger Einstein)
2) Do not get mad at the cashiers for not getting what you wanted. THEY DID NOT MAKE YOUR FOOD, THE GUYS IN THE BACK DO THAT!
3)NEVER ask for a #1 without mac sauce, added mayo, well done, and then say "oh, and make that large". The employees have to reenter all of that into your large meal.
4)To be nice, please ask for your food if everyone else has left. Chances are they have forgotten about your order, but your food has been made and all it needs is a bag.
5) Do not talk to us like we are retarded, please. Often, we feel like you are the retarded ones. Do not act all mighty just because we work here. Most employees there are part timers. They are earning their college money because they are probably poor.
6) Please do not pay $15 in change when there are 15 people behind you.

Anonymous said...

it fucking retarded trhat some of you think mc d's is a dead end job. some of us are moving up the ladder, and getting paid well to do it.

you think that all the employees work at the store level? and that store managers are broke? or that supervisers, consultants, and directors are poor?

weel the economy is tanking and we're busier than ever.

i'm loving it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? That is awfully high and mighty for someone who works at McDonalds. Most people hate their jobs, deal with it. Don't bitch about your work, if you had a degree, you wouldn't have to work there. It's your JOB to do these things, stop trying to get customers to do it for you. If it's not closing time, then you're expected to serve the customer. Clean up after closing time.
Also, when I say plain, I mean nothing on it but the burger, I don't want your damn cheese.

Anonymous said...

"Yup, working fast food is brain surgery. It's so complicated to follow a simple set of instructions, no means no, yes means yes, Fry my burger beyatch means fry my burger beyatch. Serve your purpose in life and fry that burger well as I know plenty of people who are willing to do it no matter how much I treat them like the TP I wipe my behind with.

Boo freakity hoo I'm a moron and I work fast food and I expect to be treated like the CEO of Enron."

You know that "fap fap fap" noise you always hear when you're ordering?
That's the special sauce.
Special just for you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, your highness, I must return to the prodution line.


tyler said...

Ok to all the people here saying that she should be sent to jail, you have obviously never had to deal with the shit an average fast food worker has to deal with. When you are dealing with asshole customers who treat you like crap all day, you get a little pissed off. She didn't really do unspeakable things to your burger, she's just venting all her frustration at your stupidity.

Also, the customer is NOT always right. Most of the time they are wrong. Unless you have been working for the same company as me, and are more experienced than me, don't tell me how to do my job. I understand that you are giving me you money, and that you end up paying my wages, but that doesn't give you the right to treat me like a lower class citizen.

People that get angry because we rush you or because we don't like having to re-make your food for you because you forgot to order no pickle remember that we are constantly being pushed. We are always trying to serve every customer in 90 seconds or less, and when you slow us down, we are going to be pissed at you. And don't try to threaten us. We don't care if you go to the other restaurant down the street. Hell, i'll give you directions if you want. I don't want your business if you're going to be an asshole, and I don't need it either. You are only one of the hundreds of customers that are going to visit that restaurant that day.

I currently work at a McDonalds restaurant. I can attest to the stress of working there. Also, i do not plan on working there for the rest of my life. I am in high school. It's a part time job. And, in fact, McDonalds is actually a great employer. Many people have come to our restaurant from other fast food restaurants in our town and they agree that it is the best one to work at.

Or course I live in Canada and things could be different here, but it's the same concept. And i agree, watch the movie "Waiting". Things could be much worse.

Anonymous said...

I work at mcds and have been for about a year now i am in high school and am trying to make some money for college.anyways this imatture exscuse for a twenty five year old is ver obnoxuis and rude the customers are the only reason she or any one gets hired most of her issues can be solved by being polite or having a better attitude others can be solved by having common sense.I hope she was not the manager cause the location is probaly so fucked up if she is or was apparently . the manager need to be the most level headed person there and that who you go to with cutomer complaints and issues not on the internet where you make your self and you busiisness look bad if anyone disagrees with me they can give the opoins if not thats your choice P.S i know my typing sucks just disregaurd that

Anonymous said...

Hey self righteous assholes, anyone who works, no matter what it is, deserves respect! If they give you respect you give it in kind. If they disrespect you, then you can lay into them.

What they chose to do, or are forced to do because of some circumstances you know nothing of, should not give you cart blanch to treat them like lesser beings!

Remember not everyone has had the same opportunities and chances that you have! People sometimes have to do what they can to survive. As long as they work, they deserve my respect.

Anonymous said...

RESPECTING another person doesn't hurt who do u think U R if you don't just becoz u can doesn't make it a fuckin good idea,

Anonymous said...

the last comment i read was dated 9/14/2009 12:50 AM and the first one was from 2006 so lets move on with our lives nd stop laughing to an old jokes

Anonymous said...

I've been a fast food manager for fifteen years. Learning to deal maturely with a low pay, low status job and with rude customers can take a few years. If you choose to not get off of your cell phone when ordering, or to demand five star service when all you're paying is $6 for your meal, then you are taking your chances that the individuals you are dealing with are mature enough to merely pity you - rather than retaliate. If you're too emotionally weak to stand up to someone who is rushing you at a Drive-thru window to check your order, it's your fault. If you don't know how to work with others to get a mistake in your order corrected without offending everyone, it's an area of opportunity for you. I used to dread it when rude,overly demanding, shady thieving customers came to the store. Now I love it because when they deal with me, they don't know what hit them. It's fun to know just what to say to put them in their place and send them away empty handed.

Anonymous said...

People need to remember that fast food employees are people too. If you had a bad day and want to take it out on someone don't take it out on the fast food employees because they could have had a bad day as well that has compelled them to be just as rude back to you thus making your day worse. As far as the doing unspeakable things to your food part of Joanna's rules most of the time this will not happen because there are cameras that monitor the employees and there jobs are important to them although some people just don't give a shit but they will most likely be fired fast because people that don't give a shit don't last long at any jobs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a twenty year old college student trying to pay for tuition and yes, I work at McDonald's. The worst part about my job is the superiority complex customers have. I know that McDonald's is not a respected position, but it beats homelessness and being a lazy dead beat on unemployment, right? At least have enough respect for the workers to treat them like humans, please.

Anonymous said...

Used to work 4 McD's before college and after as a side job. Yeah, you are treated like dirt and clean nasty bathrooms in playland, but the job IS fun with the right crew, really. Many customers do suck or are arrogant. In the 2+ years I was there I spit in maybe 2 peoples food and dropped [oops] then served a few more. These folks were A-holes with a capital A. Others were spared. A burger jockey make nothing an hour, screwing a-holes is an added bonus. Play nice people and your food "should" be up to par.

schrodinger said...

I ordered an unsweetened tea this evening from a store near me. I'm a diabetic and I was thirsty, and this was the only place where I could get a drink that wasn't loaded with sugar and fizz. The idiots managed to screw it up, giving me SWEET tea instead, as usual. They ALWAYS get my drink order wrong, and I ONLY ordered a drink, no food, so it wasn't like this was very complicated. When I discovered that I got the wrong drink, I went into the store to get it fixed, and I mentioned to the order taker that I consistently get the wrong drink, every time. She said, "It's not MY problem. If you have a problem, take it up with Corporate." I asked her, "Are you a part of this team? Yes? Then it IS your problem and you just need to make it right, and represent the team in a positive light." She just continued to be disrespectful and then used the S-word, as in, "I don't need to take your s***". I blew up, and said, "You don't need to be using that kind of language to a customer!" The employee continued to disrespect me, then the manager showed up and heard part of the discourse. When the manager came out, she asked, "Do you need some help here?" I replied, "No, but it seems that SOMEONE needs an attitude adjustment..." The employee made one last smart-alek remark, but I was already leaving with my replacement drink. I called the store and spoke with that manager, away from the problem employee. The manager was helpful to a point, but she kept trying to talk over me as I was explaining the incident. That itself is rude. Trust me, I will never go back no matter how many free drinks they offer me. Location: 3205 S GARLAND - GARLAND, TX 75041

Anonymous said...

gosh your just a plain b**** and you want everything to be the way YOU want it to be.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This should be posted in every fast food place in the whole world. I work at Subway in England and I have exactly the same problems. People are incredibly rude arrogant and ignorant. They think they can treat us like scam. Every time I serve customer I'm polite but sometimes my blood is boiling inside of me when I have to deal with rude stupid people. I really enjoyed reading this. I'd never do anything nasty with the food I serve but I know some people do this to annoying customers. You better watch out if you're rude

Unknown said...

Funny post. I start my first day at McDonalds tomorrow. I assure everyone I wont do unspeakable things to the food though. I promise!
lol This post was entertaining though. =)

Anonymous said...

How dare anyone judge her for working at McDonalds. I have a 3.7 college GPA and am working toward a masters degree. I have years of work experience but with the economy as it is, I can't find any job other than McDonald's. All of the decent jobs want people with better availability (no classes). I can understand this, but it doesn't mean I am happy to work at McDonald's. Working there sucks. Managers are mean to you and treat you like you're a moron, even if you have fifty more IQ points than them. Customers bark orders at you, yell at you, throw food at you, let their children piss and shit all over the floor for you to clean up, and treat you like you're worthless, idiotic scum. I hate my job, I hate my managers, and I hate most of the customers (although some are very pleasant.) But if working there is the only way to pay my bills, I can't just quit. If I quit to keep my pride, my pride would be all I had while I lived in a cardboard box. Just because someone works at McDonald's does NOT mean they're a moron, so please don't act like this is true. Furthermore, I do need to back up some of what you all said... Because no matter how angry I've gotten, I have never done something unsanitary to a person's food.The worst I'll do is purposely give you your food after everyone else's or be sarcastic/use underhanded comments.

Anonymous said...

Our McDonalds has a larger cone

Anonymous said...

To those being jerks/bashing on people that work at Mcdonalds, let me bring up a scenario that happened to my friend while we were working.

She's a friendly person, treats customers nicely and smiles. When she was handing out food in the drive-thru, she politely asked this man to pull ahead as it would be about a minute for his fries. Out of nowhere the man starts cursing at her and being a total ass. Needless to say we were both shocked by this, since she was very polite to him. Now was his reaction called for, or necessary?

Also, even though I dislike the automatic greeters, is it really that hard to pay attention to what it says? "How may I help you?" means you can order, not sit there for three minutes before shouting "Hello?!"

Another issue that is rather annoying is when a customer hands me their money in drive-thru with the coins and bills all waded up, making it difficult for me to take, and they get mad at ME if something falls on the ground.

Yes Mcdonald's isn't the greatest place to work, but it really depends on which store it is. I've worked at a couple that were so-so, and two that were actually fun to work at. Would you honestly want me to come to YOUR job and be a total jerk for no reason?

Anonymous said...

Look i worked at Mcds for 3 years before i was done with that place, these rules are really a good idea. I mean come on i cant count how many times i day i heard "PLAN THAT MEANS JUST THE MEAT AMD BUN" All I have to say to you people is i just F***ing take the order not make it. If the people in the Kitchen cant read don't yell at me for it! and another this i have and IQ of 124 thank oyu very much. SO dont talk to me like i am 3 when your 3year old is screaming and you wont get em to shut up. Employees and Customers both have issus with the other. Just try and understand if you no longer work there you are now a customer and if you need a job 10:1 mcds will hire you and those you once bitched about will be your bosses!

Anonymous said...

Workers in a drive through are there to serve you, not the other way around. If you get pissed when I yell my order after you ask me to repeat it when there is no reason, I will drive off. If i get asked, " Do you want the combo or the meal" I will drive off. Did I say anything about a meal, no. So just put the sandwich in there. If there are pickles on my sandwich and I ordered the sandwich with no pickles, you can damn well expect me to get you to take them off. I do not just say things to take up more time when ordering, I don't want pickles on my burger.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people took this post so serious which i find very funny. You can tell that they wrote this list after a very hard day at work, and who would blame them. Its not easy dealing with people that treat you like complete trash. It's not easy dealing with people that don't understand people make mistakes but if they would of ordered it right in the first place there probably wouldn't of been a mistake in the first place. It's not easy dealing with some people who order from drive thru and don't get something and come in and yell at front counter like they should know what is going on... i'm not mind reading.
As for everyone that had such a issue with the "unspeakable things" calm down. They have cameras everywhere and everything is out in the open so everyone would see if someone spit in it.
Honestly to those you think mcdonalds is nothing and an idiot can work there, you try it then. You have to be constantly moving for 6-10 hours possibly without a break. Then you have to deal with the costumers bring back food, I get it your upset but you don't have to come yell at me or any other cash register while were taking orders and expect us to take care of your order.
Just treat people the way you would like to be treated, and remember if you want to treat the employee like shit and be rude fine but don't get pissed off when they come to your work and do the same.

Anonymous said... many nice's important to remember that it doesn't matter which side of the counter you are on, you are a person...and they are a person the rest doesn't matter. i work at mcdonalds and I am premed but I still understand that food that is bad for you tends to make you feel bad and so many of the people who come through will not be happy or maybe they just had a bad day...just like you or I I said it shouldn't matter what side of the counter you are on to feel the need to be a good the way...I have worked at mcdonals for four years and I have never seen or heard of anyone doin anything unspeakable to anyone's's really just not worth losing your job over.

Anonymous said...

obviously, you all have NEVER worked at mcdonalds. i had a good laugh at most, and agree with all. and no, i don't do "unspeakable things" to your food, but when you do stupid, RUDE shit, it does make me want to punch you in the face! and you're right, we do get paid, MINIMUM WAGE, (7 dollars an hour here in FL) which isn't enough to deal with all of the bs i do! it doesn't take much, to have a little consideration, to atleast treat me like a human being. i am OVERLY nice, trying to kill the stereotype that all mcdonalds workers are useless, and still, more than half my customers are extremely rude. i go to school full time, and work full time, not ALL mcdonalds workers are scumbags like everyone seems to think! i wish i could find out where some of you rude ass people work and come see you on my day off!

Anonymous said...

obviously, you all have NEVER worked at mcdonalds. i had a good laugh at most, and agree with all. and no, i don't do "unspeakable things" to your food, but when you do stupid, RUDE shit, it does make me want to punch you in the face! and you're right, we do get paid, MINIMUM WAGE, (7 dollars an hour here in FL) which isn't enough to deal with all of the bs i do! it doesn't take much, to have a little consideration, to atleast treat me like a human being. i am OVERLY nice, trying to kill the stereotype that all mcdonalds workers are useless, and still, more than half my customers are extremely rude. i go to school full time, and work full time, not ALL mcdonalds workers are scumbags like everyone seems to think! i wish i could find out where some of you rude ass people work and come see you on my day off!

Anonymous said...

Joanna,it is obviously am late to the McDonalds post you put up,as I just read the "rules" you posted tonight(and I understand that you were fired from your employment there)but you are definitely right in saying that the customer/foodserver treatment should be pleasant for both.I myself treat the workers at the restaurants very nicely,and I would like to think that many people will do the same without thinking.AS FOR THE REST OF US....are we listening to ourselves in our comments? At one time,we used to think of going to a restaurant as a happy and fun expierience.We would get ourselves out of the stress of our working class lives,and enjoy the atmosphere of a good dine-out.YES,the world was different on that when we take our minds back some years to remember. But we really have lost touch with that peaceful way about ourselves.Our world has gotten itself more miserable,so its no surprise that we get disappointed,EVEN on a subject such as this one. And we have carried the misery over on when we go out to live our lives the way we always intended,letting others see that no matter where we are.But there is another point made in the rules that was probably the greatest one...and that is that though we might see the food choices we make as right or wrong (and these days,a lot of foods can be risky when we think about it)we should still care about the food employees we meet in our dine-outs just as much as we would care about ourselves,and our children. And the best way to do that is to consider smaller portions when we consume food,or enjoy more healthier alternatives on our restaurant menu.Not only will we make the servers job easier this way,we will be beginning the goal of a healthy diet that families can reach. And when we FEEL healthier,we will feel much happier each day...and treat each other with the respect we want so often.

Anonymous said...

worked at a jamba juice for two years and it not only sounds like this person just wants to get paid and not work but is so miserable that she cant find any pleasure in helping people. good life coping techniques (sarcasim)... honestly surprised she hasnt been fired. Mcdonalds is a franchise meaning that these workers bosses could loose their whole store and livelyhood because some girl decided to pick off the pickles instead of doing something the right way. dumbass whore... maybe they should just give u more crack breaks so ur not coming down all the time.

Anonymous said...

Customers who come into the drive thru at Mcdonalds are some of the rudest people in the world. Probably from all the fast food affecting their brain and their decision making. I find it hilarious when people complain saying that messing would food could be a misdemeanor and stuff, maybe you should make your own food for once.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame her for her ranting. I feel like she does at least once a week if not more. I even mentioned it to a customer jokingly. We are human beings working in fast food. We are not actually there to take your rude attitude. We will give you the best customer service you deserve and only ask for a polite smile in return. If your order is wrong throwing it at us and yelling doesn't do anything, we will do the same thing with or with out the yelling, the difference will be how we are inclined to treat you from now on.

Mcdonalds employees are not stupid, on welfare, particularly lazy, poor ect... We work a job to pay the bills. We had no choice because we didn't get a chance to do something better, but for sure we are working towards something better.

I have worked at Mcdonalds for 6 months in order to pay for a volunteer program. I also have to pay off my university to which I studied Chinese and Political Science now I have submitted my application in order to take the RPAT exam for police work. WOW a Mcdonalds employee can be smart!!

Perhaps we should all have a bit more patience on both sides, and not put so much weight on social class. We are all people, we all started the same... And we all strive in this life. Fast food for me is a way to pay my bills and hope for a better future.

I thank God every day for our good customers who see us as people not as their slaves. The bad customers help me to appreciate the good customers all the more.

>>>BTW, I have some suggestions for her. When I ask for a "handful" of ketchup, that means I want more than 2 packets.

ACTUALLY we are told that we should only give out a certain amount of sauce packets, for extra we must charge. If our manager sees we do not charge we get in trouble. So next time perhaps be a little more understanding.

Anonymous said...

This is sooo hilarious! I worked at my town's mcdonalds for two years and immediately knew what you were talking about! Especially since when I was working there, we were an express McDonalds and so we didn't have Frappes and had to constantly remind customers that no, we don't have was especially hard when someone asked, "are you serious?!" not to say, "nope, I'm just joking."

britany nicole said...

People we are working there to sever you. We aren't purposely trying to get your order wrong or disappoint you in any way. That is not our job. The least you could do is appreciate the service we give you unless the person is a total jerk - then I don't blame you. But, you really don't really need to throw a fit cause someone accidentally forgot to leave the pickles off. Oh and I am honestly astonished that you would look badly upon someone who works at McDonalds, I would like to see you try it. :)

Anonymous said...

For all of the people ragging on her, if you actually took a look at the original list you would see that she works at mcdonalds because of HURRICANE KATRINA. Also, you have probably never worked in fast food because anyone who has knows what kind of people come to the restaurant. Also, complaints range from stuff like "This isn't what the picture looks like" to "Why is it taking so long", when they asked for a large order.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Working at McDonalds does suck. And customers rarely are nice to fast food employees. I understand her frustration. It's not like she's saying that she would actually harm the customer!! She's just frustrated. I get it, and if you have ever worked fast food, you would understand too.

Anonymous said...

I work at Hardees,I'm a manager and I've worked there for 3 years. First of all, I've never added any thing "special" to a burger and niether have any of my employees. While it may common, it isn't as common as you think. And before your start complaining about some little thing (like your shake being too runny after driving 10 miles home) just remember I (as a manager) only get paid 8.10 and hour, which is probably less then you just spent in the drive-thru. Also think of how many stupid people I have mistaking us for burger king and old people trying to order with their window down or people who decide to sit in my Drive-thru line counting change. P.S. we get timed on how fast our drive-thru times are from the second your car touches the order pad and P.P.S. you don't need exact change if you want to get rid of it there are places called banks.

Anonymous said...

Oh and btw you cu nt muscle , when i say easy ice i mean easy f' n ice. I dont give a rats azz if your machine cant do it your the brain dead human working at the joint you fix my drink so its easy ice you lazy azz. I dont care about your job problems. Just freakin do it and hurry the frick up about it you fat pig. When i tell you i want ketchup at the window snap to it right freakin now i got sh!t to do (like ur mom) and like 5 fuc kin packs NOT ONE. i overpay for this toxic crap so you can afford 5 ketchup packs on my LARGE fry. If your too busy or i have to wait SCREW YOU. hire some more brain dead idiots making min wage or hustle your fat azz. Mcd makes enough $ to hire more azzh oles so i dont have to wait. You are suppose to be on my beckon call slave. Now liedown n open your mouth so i can squat n dump yesterdays bigmac into your mouth. I DONT CARE ABOUT U OR YO PROBLEMS JUST MAKE MY SH!T N HURRY UP

Anonymous said...

Or how about the dild0 workin behind the counter today. Tried 2b funny w/ the clown cashier who looked like ronnie mcdonald hisself. But the doe doe head was stiff as my
c0 ck at a party hosted by collegef' Misrable pr!ck get a new job if u dont like takin my order loser. Oh and smell my finger

Anonymous said...

Charge xtra 4 ketchup packets? Go stuff ur self jew

Anonymous said...

1. let act like adults here
2. Most fast food places employee kids who are learning how to there's going make mistakes(there still in high school)
3. as adults I hope you are not rude and can speak in drive through and not only acknoledge the person handing your food but not be imature. As adult you should be able to handle things without yelling or getting upset. This is not only mature and being human but as a adult you need to help set the example for the generation under you. If your teaching your kids that people are whorthless, swearing or acting out just for a little mistake that will get that you should be ashamed.
4. Yes i agree that "unspeakable" things is uncalled for and should never happen

Fat Daddy said...

Wow! It's no wonder this country is so effed up. Listen to you people. I'm 51 years old and when I joined the Navy in 1978 my father (a 23 year navy veteran) gave me this bit of advice: "Son, whatever you do DO NOT piss off the cook, the barber or the paymaster". Sage words of timeless advice that have served me well the better part of 33 years.

Someone else on this blog summed it up well. If you don't want people doing unspeakable things to your food then don't be such an effen jerk. I now own my 3rd business which is a food service business. Most people that I encounter on a daily basis are decent folk. But it seems like the "Jerk" quotient is increasing daily. Get over yourselves. The world does not revolve around you, your petty needs and definitely not your spoiled brat kids. If I did half the crap I see these little crumb snatchers doing on a daily basis I would not be writing this because my parents would have beaten me to death.

But of course I can't really blame the kids because their parents won't beat their ass when they need it. Instead it seems most mothers today try to reason with their kids. Then when they don't achieve the desired results they either give up and let the curtain climbers run wild or they try to bribe and buy them off with toys, candy and other crap.

And that is also the main reason we have some of the idiots that we have filling these types of positions. Because their parents didn't beat their asses when they were children. In an attempt to become a kinder gentler nation we have "spared the rod and spoiled the child". So before you go bitchin' about the kid in the drive up window that's acting like an ass, look in your own rear-view mirror at the kids acting like an ass in your backseat. The good news is at least your precious bundle of joy will fit right in at McDonald's in another 10 years.

Anonymous said...

All people that are talking shit bout her working at McDonald are the ones that r pathetic !!! It's a job it makes money that is all that matters I agree wit her there r really disrespectful people out there that need to learn manners !! Part of her rules are gd!! So all u stupid people that disagree wit her get a effin life!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is obviously why you work at McDonalds and not in a executive office. Not to mention that your spelling skills are horrible. You also have to realize that not everyone works at McDonald's so consumers will not know what is in every single burger like you Ms. McDonald's. To call a person "genius" in a sarcastic way just because they don't turn off their vehicle if they have a diesel is ridiculous! Who's the genius that can't afford one like that because they only work at McDonald's? No education I can only imagine! So think before you speak. I admit though, customers are definitely not always right, but as an employee you are more than wrong. If you expect consumers to be perfect, we will expect you to be perfect. You are only contradicting yourself by writing all of these rules. You are in the customer service industry, deal with it!!

Unknown said...

Hahaha sooo funny I work at mcdonalds and some people order the dummest meals okay so they ask for a hambearger plane no chesse order a mcdouble plane same price 2 meat Patty's lol and when you go to drive through please make up your mind it should not take you 5 min my scores go up and I get in trouble and most likely your order will have what you did not want one it .it should not say 1 mcdouble for more then 2 min then ask no mustered or plane we get pissed off because your wasting money we have to through it in the trash ... and when you get your order and your missing something and come in and make a big deal about it then call the number on the cup ... don't be rude we have orders to take not just yours... and take in mind everything is on our screens so if you order plane and you come in and say it supposed to be regular then your going to wait ... if your food is cold its because you ether did not eat it on time because our food is under cabinets and heated tables keeping it worm for you to eat ... point is don't bitch at use when your 1takeing to long to order or your food is taking for ever... or if it made wrong because we tell you when you paying for it..... and we get grill slips so it should be made right... if there's no grills slip check it its ether made right and we did.... not have time to sticker it

Anonymous said...

It seems that the majority of people on here complaining about Joanna's post have obviously never worked in fast food before.

I've been a McEmployee for well over a year now and I've seen human kind at it's worst. When you're being paid minimum wage with a long list of orders waiting to be filled it can get very stressful. So I can sympathize with Joanna and how she feels. With the whole "Doing unspeakable things to your food" honestly, chances are she's just being sarcastic, and if you're going to go through the trouble of calling cooperate about it they're probably going to laugh and hang up. They're so use to getting complaints that range from stupid to severely stupid, so chances are your's won't sway them in any bit.

Because I'm getting paid, I always try to do my job right. But the thing is, no matter where you work there will always be stupid, cranky people. I have an asshole manager who could care less about his employees and their well-being. There have been times where we've been in a big non-stop dinner rush and he would leave us to fend for ourselves.

There have been times where we've been at fault but there have been even more times where customers have been at fault. So here are a couple of pet peeves I would like to share:

1. When you're in the drive thru, don't sit there and take 10 minutes to figure out what you want. That's what ordering inside the restaurant is for.

2. If your kid is screaming what they want into the speaker, I will most likely not respond. Nobody wants a high-pitch voice wailing into their ear.

3. If you order the meal and say you don't want a drink, then it's not a meal.

4. You can order a large cone, medium cone, or small cone! But you're going to get the same sized cone as everyone else because that's the only size we carry.

5. We don't have "frosties" or "blizzards" they're called mcflurries. Get with the program.

6. We haven't carried the Big 'n' Tastey in over a decade, so don't try to order it.

7. You are not allowed to do separate orders in the drive thru,so don't get all upset when I give you a flat out, "no."

8. Don't be a penny graveling whore when your drink costs 1.08 instead of 1.07, one more cent isn't going to put you into poverty.

9. If somebody spills a drink on the floor, don't come to my manager to bitch about it when you can see that I'm clearly trying to mop it up.

10. If I accidentally make a mistake on your order, don't bitch me out, you will not intimidate me. I've chased hobos high on crack out of the McBathrooms before.

Anonymous said...

Hm. I've done some silly and stupid things in my time—but I've never messed with anyone who was responsible for my food. That's just asking for it. Whether at McD's or Delmonico's. Doesn't matter.

As someone said: It ain't rocket science.

Anonymous said...

Most of these it seems the customer is in the right. I eat there a lot. And the employees at my McDonald are brain dead fucks which is probably why they are working there they fuck up pretty easy orders probably 70% of the time. At least I have some satisfaction knowing they will be doing it forever.

Anonymous said...

We have a daughter that works at one of the McNazified McDonalds. After hearing about some of the things that go on with these usually fat customers, I wouldn't blame any employee for being foul! One idiot said something to the effect that the customer, "is always right." That is a load of B.S.! No, YOU are not! That rule stuck when people were still acting like adults. Now you all act like spoiled fats brats needing a diaper change.

Customers throwing food back through the drive-thru window, name-calling to no end and all. I have told my daughter to simply let me know when it happens to her and I'll take care of it! (Beware, retards, your fat asses are about to go on an unexpected hospital diet!)

Furthermore, the people you should be pissed at is the owners. The McDonalds here in a small Indiana town is loaded with flies and coaches. The flies end up in the food (yes, there have been complaints) and the owner tells the night managers to walk through and spray fly killer all around the food prep areas and even around peoples food as it's being prepared! Yeah, think about who you should be pissed at. What are the employees already going through? ("Would you like flies or fly spray with that, asshole?")

The comment posted on 8/14/2006 by “Anonymous” is typical of the regressive retards that are now patrons of fast-food. Uneducated, overweight, and just plain stupid. Burn a few calories preparing your own food there Johnny and you may feel better and drop a pound or two. Man, fat people and food!

Here is something to live by: Be nice to those who prepare your food. YOU can't see everything that goes on with your food and when you show your asses like the idiots you so obviously prepared for what you have coming! An errant pickle here or there is the least of you problems, pal!

Anonymous said...

She makes all of these rules like she is some BIG DEAL and then you find out that she works at a McDonalds

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an immature bratty teenage girl wrote that. Here is the DEAL miss 'I work at McDonalds don't talk to me'. If someone is taking THEIR hard earned money to McDonalds WHOEVER is behind the cash register better do what is needed from that customer. If I went there and was treated the way you are speaking, someone wouldn't have a job after I left. Get over yourself. One more thing, IF you don't like PEOPLE then don't work in the public!

Anonymous said...

All McDonalds, Burger King, KFC (etc..) employees deal with rude customers, but you're no better than the person behind the counter.

NO you're not always right. If we've run out or if we don't sell something then there's nothing we can do about it so stop whining.

We may be working at McDonalds, but McDonalds has a very good wage. At least we're not claiming benefits and we're ACTUALLY working. The vast majority also have pretty good grades and education.

If you put up a fuss you will NOT get free food or discounts or refunds. If you're in the wrong you'll just be asked to leave.

If you act like a jerk you'll be treated by a jerk.

We WILL ALWAYS ask you to repeat your order (or we will repeat it back to you) so that we know it's correct and you won't throw a hissy fit if it's wrong.

No, you're not paying 'good money' to eat at McDonalads. You're just paying our wages.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, when they are not working they may go about their disgusting behavior but whilst in uniform they represent the company and MUST acy accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Got to think lot of the kids are 17 and 18 that work there and get payied very little would not surprise me at all if this was there mind set personally when its close to closing time I say for get it not even worth the chance.

Unknown said...

She was Mcfired, no use arguing over it anymore her little personal "McRules" were "McWrong", nothing else to discuss here, move along and let her attitude be a lesson for how not to act in this world, be glad you even have a job, so ungrateful to people and your company, you should definitely be ashamed, you need to go work in a third world country for a while then maybe you will realize your boring job at McDonalds is actually pretty darn nice.

Thumbs up to Mc D's for firing her, she was way out of hand.

Whatever said...

She's so not an example of a fast food employee, I've worked in three and am now almost 25.

It does suck to serve a customer 2 minutes before close, I just want to get out as soon as possible, but doing unspeakable things won't make it go faster, and is just low. Of course we'll just make you a new hamburger without pickles because allergies aren't a thing to play with? No one cares if you made a mistake and ordered a sandwich from a different restaurant as long as you don't argue with us after. (I've spent 10 minutes trying to explain to a customer as nicely as I can that Arby's doesn't have hamburgers and never will)

That being said, some customers are horrible, and McDonald's gets the worst. There's no reason to yell or talk down to an employee. Never be a jerk to someone who handles their food, because they might not be a decent person and it's just not wise to risk that, also they're a person like you, and you could easily have the stressed tired worker in tears.

It's not that easy of a job, usually stores are understaffed and the hardest part is putting up with the two or three rude people who ruin the whole day.

This is a long rant that probably doesn't make sense and I'm sorry for that.

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