Wednesday, August 16, 2006

McHero: fast food employee to the rescue

Many of the 200+ comments to my McRules article and Joanna's McRules themselves paint a pretty disparaging picture of fast food employees. On the other hand there is Lyn Fish.

Lyn casts fast food employees in a brighter light. She's a McHero.

Lyn was working the drive-thru at a McDonald's in Rochester, NY on Sunday when she noticed smoke coming from the windows of a house across the street. After she told her manager to call 911, she ran across the street to try and help anyone inside. In her own words:
"There were two people trying to climb out the window I helped them. Then there was a lady next door screaming that her kids were in there so I went in and grabbed them put one under each arm and ran down the stairs.

I cant let nobody get killed you know, whether I'm on the clock at work or not I help out everybody."
Assistant Fire Chief Sam Matrino said, "She did a great job, it's a very important thing that she got over there and helped them get out."

[sources: WROC-TV, WHEC-TV]

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