Thursday, September 21, 2006

McBreakfast all day?

Jim Skinner, Chief Executive Officer of McDonald's Corp., has announced the possibility of migrating the current breakfast menu into an all day item. The chain's breakfast menu has apparently been instrumental in its recent economic turnaround.

According to Skinner, items such as its McGriddle sandwiches and a revised blend of coffee have boosted sales, and the company is looking to expand upon that success. The CEO notes that some changes to the franchise would be necessary, however.

It would require the introduction of a new, more flexible operating platform, one which is being prepared for the company. "It's not compatible with our current operating system. But with this [new] system, that could be possible," said Skinner.


LordJezo said...

Bad news!

I'd start going to McDonalds more as breakfast is pretty much the only thing I go there for now.

Heck, just last weekend my girlfriend got me out of bed and had me rush to McDonalds because she had a sudden craving for their breakfast stuff. Made it with about 2 minutes to spare.

My wallet is scared of this news, as is my belly.

Anonymous said...