Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Burger King movie?

Burger King is hoping to make their own feature film.

Above the King is a comedy about a teen misfit. He lives in an apartment above a Burger King restaurant and has an unlikely friendship with an aristocrat.

BK has budgeted $5 million for the film and hopes it has a cult success like Napolen Dynamite.

from Forbes:
If it gets made, it is likely to be the first mainstream film written and produced by a marketer and its ad agency, and it is part of what Russell Klein, Burger King's head of marketing, calls "an allout full gallop to catch up with our consumer."
BK has had some seriously creative ad campaigns in the past, like Subservient Chicken and Huckin' Chicken, The Whopperettes, and the Stacker's Union, but a full-length feature film would certainly take the cake.

One prominent film with a specific fast food restaurant as part of its theme, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, was not associated with, created by or financed by White Castle. Although White Castle did create soft drink cups promoting the film (as a thank-you for all the publicity they received) which marked the first time an R-rated comedy was advertised on a fast food container.

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a bk movie rules rock