Friday, October 13, 2006

Wendy's sells off Baja Fresh

Two weeks ago Wendy's spun-off their Canadian Tim Horton's restaurant chain. Yesterday, they unloaded their Baja Fresh chain of Mexican grills.

Baja Fresh's 299 restaurants are being purchased for $31 million by a West Coast restaurant group and retail operator who owns the Sweet Factory chain and is a franchisee of Cinnabon and Denny's outlets.

Kerrii Anderson, interim Wendy's chief executive and president, said in a release the Baja Fresh deal and the spinoff of Tim Hortons will allow the company to focus on the Wendy's brand.


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Anonymous said...

I don't think Baja Fresh is going away. The one here in Redmond, WA is ALWAYS packed at lunch and on weekends. Plus, my friend in DC said the one he goes to is always busy as well. It's the best burrito in town. Way better than Chipotle and Moe's Burritos.