Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Contaminated food claim against Wendy's

There's been another contaminated food claim against Wendy's. It's been two years since the national media event over the false claim of a California woman that she'd found a finger in her Chili at Wendy's. This time the claim is over finding human blood at the bottom of a Wendy's frosty (aka chocolate shake).

Nashville, Tennessee resident William Hoover has filed suit against Wendy's franchisee Bridgeman Foods after allegedly finding human blood at the bottom of his Frosty. "After consuming most of the Frosty, Hoover noticed a red substance on the end of the straw," the lawsuit claims. It also says the substance "was tested and was revealed to be human blood."

more at the Nashville Post.


Anonymous said...

wendys sued oh no

Anonymous said...

Blood and Fingers and Frosties! Oh my! =)