Monday, February 19, 2007

Fatburger goes trans-fat-free

They seem to all be falling in line with the trans-fat-free movement. Now, burger chain Fatburger, has now gone trans-fat-free, too:
"On January 1st, Fatburger began eliminating trans fat from its menu items. The plan includes transitioning to trans-fat free frying oil in all 83 locations. The new soy bean-based oil will be used to prepare fried offerings, including Fat and Skinny Fries and homemade onion rings."
"Our goal is to provide our guests with the high quality and great taste that they know and love from Fatburger," said Elaine Patel, vice president of marketing for Fatburger.
Fatburger is also promoting the lean, safe beef that they use in their burgers:
Fatburger also uses lean beef. The fresh, 100 percent pure lean beef is ground fresh daily and USDA inspected. All Fatburger beef is tested for toxins and other containments. Each patty is also tested to ensure it is only comprised of approximately 18 percent fat, proving that the “Fat” in Fatburger refers to the size of the burgers.

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