Friday, March 02, 2007

McDonald's tests Angus burger

Sean in Los Angeles has contacted Fast Food News to report that McDonald's is testing a 1/3 pound Black Angus burger in 3 versions: a deluxe burger (with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, mayo, mustard and ketchup and 2 slices of American cheese), a Bacon Cheeseburger and a Mushroom and Swiss burger. Sean saw these on the menu and tried one at a North Hollywood location.

Sean's description:
The burger itself was dry, which made me suspect it was overcooked. The person before me in line ordered "just cheese" but was given condiments too and had to send it back, so perhaps the kitchen staff wasn't very attentive. But she liked the burger so much it was her second straight lunch there, recommending it unsolicited and telling me it tasted like a "real" burger, not a McDonald's burger."

The vegetables were all fresh and crisp, and there were two slices of American cheese, one on top and one below. All three sandwiches were $3.99 (more than a dollar more than a Quarter Pounder with Cheese) and I think the meals were $5.49. Had my burger not been overcooked I might have liked it, but as it was I had to add ketchup just to moisten it up.
If you have a photo of the in-store signs for these burgers and/or the burgers themselves, please send them our way at

Chowhound also wrote about McDonald's test of the Angus Burger back in December.


Anonymous said...

angus burger is grosssssssssssssssssssssss.

Anonymous said...

I find this stupid. If people want to eat Mc Donalds They should go right ahead!

Anonymous said...

I had the mushroom Swiss this evening. It was delicious, though it left me feeling very guilty, and almost as stuffed as an Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack. To top it off, they gave me a regular Coke instead of the diet I'd asked for.

I ended up here looking for nutrition information on the Angus burgers, which McD's doesn't have on their website yet.

Anonymous said...

it sucks. it tasted like freezer burn

Anonymous said...

I like it, the sour dough canadian one anyways.

It a bit bigger than a QP, has better toppings, and tastes more like a burger.

The ones they're testing in Winnipeg are decent.

Anonymous said...

I'm having the Angus Burger right now, for the very first time and it's pretty yummy. I was gonna have a sald for lunch but I went with the burger. Juicy and big!

Anonymous said...