Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fast food flash memory

Here at Fast Food News, we're always on the look-out for new inedible fast food products! Here's one now....

Greenhouse (an on-line technology store in Japan) is offering 2 gigabyte USB Flash drives that look like your favorite fast foods.

There are 4 different USB memory dongles: "Humburger" (sic), Hot dog, Pizza and Sandwich.

Besides not knowing how to spell "hamburger," Greenhouse has an important warning on their product info page: "Do not Eat!" Thanks for that! Maybe McDonald's should try that warning, too!

via Gizmodude and Akihabara News

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Anonymous said...

[...]is there any way i can get ready boost on an external hard drive? I'm using a 1 gig flash drive and i don't think I'm getting the max amount of RAM possible... its only putting out 920 MB[...]