Saturday, September 22, 2007

Snake rings taco worker's bell

Pranksters at a Texas Taco Bell had drive-thru employee Bryant Simmons running for the border when they threw a 3-foot long Python at him through the drive-thru window.

Simmons has a fear of snakes and this one hit him smack in the chest. But a spokesman for the Taco Bell in Round Rock, Texas said Simmons was physically unharmed, just really shaken up.

Police are using surveillance camera footage in their search for the pranksters, described as 3 men in a truck.

And as for the snake, it turns out that an employee at a neighboring fast food restaurant, Thundercloud Subs, has 2 Pythons of her own at home, so she was able to convince police to let her take custody of the one thrown through the drive-thru window.

What is it that makes Taco Bell such a popular target for pranks?

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