Saturday, October 06, 2007

Del Taco's "Macho" value menu

Del Taco has made several menu upgrades recently. The biggest change (and biggest value) is their new "Macho Value Menu." The value menu offers 7 items for under $1.

Items under $1 include the Chicken Soft Taco (99¢), Breakfast Burrito (69¢), 1/2 lb. Bean and Cheese Burrito (99¢), Bean Cup with Cheese and Red Sauce (89¢), Cheeseburger (99¢), Nachos (99¢), Del Taco Cheeseburger and Taco (99¢).

There's more:

The Chicken Soft Taco (on the value menu for 99¢, has 50% more meat now. It is marinated grilled chicken with Del Taco’s secret sauce, lettuce, cheddar cheese and a soft flour tortilla.

Del Taco is also introducing a new Mexican Caesar salad as an entrée for $3.19 or side dish at $1.59. The new salad features crisp lettuce, cotijo cheese, diced tomatoes, roasted pepitas, cilantro pepita dressing and topped with seasoned tortilla strips.

“Del Taco fans have come to expect great things from us and we’re always looking for ways to surprise them– like putting more great-tasting chicken in our most popular soft taco on the menu,” said Sharon Fogg, Del Taco senior vice president of marketing. “Our customers also are looking for us to continue to offer great value – and that’s why we have a half dozen great items for under $1 on our new Macho Value Menu.”

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