Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hardee's/Carl's Reality TV Ad Campaign

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. has a new ad campaign that's more creative (but less hot) than watching Paris Hilton wash a Bentley.

They set up a fake restaurant called "Grade A Restaurant." The 'bistro burger' restaurant, complete with hidden cameras, had staff and customers that were all actors. The "target" was brought to the restaurant by an "accomplice." The "target" was told about the high-quality bistro burgers on the menu ranging in price from $14 to $20. After enjoying their burger it was revealed to them that they had just eaten a burger from Hardee's.

In the video below, the "target" even says how much she hates Hardee's commercials!

More videos can be found at www.fakerestaurant.com or on their YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

It's actually not that creative considering Pizza Hut JUST did a very similar ad for their new Tuscani Pastas.

Customers show up to the opening of a posh new restaurant called Tuscani where they are filmed by "hidden cameras" while they eat and compliment the food. Soom the chef comes out of the kitchen to reveal he didn't cook the food, it was delivered by Pizza Hut. Cue pizza hut delivery people entering the restaurant in uniform.

Anonymous said...

I looked at website for Carl's though. It looks like they didn't reveal the burger was from Carl's until the customer paid for it. I think in the Pizza Hut spot, they gave the food away for free...