Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All Bennigan's restaurants closed for good?

I know, it's not fast food, but it is a sign of the economic times in the food industry.

Evidently, all 800 310 Bennigan's restaurants closed last night...for good.

According to several media reports, employees at numerous Bennigan's restaurants say the chain has ceased operations. The Plano, Texas based Bennigan's is responding to calls with a "no comment."

More at Dallas, Texas NBC-TV affiliate, Channel 5.

Granted, it isn't a big loss to the culinary world, but after 617 Starbucks closings planned and an 800 restaurant chain shutting down, what's next?

UPDATE: Bennigan's and Steak & Ale have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. All stores are closed and will be liquidated. see WSJ


Anonymous said...

Bennigan's is/was fast food. Really, chain restaurants get their ingredients from the same places as fast food restaurants. So what if they sell alcohol, have fancier seating, and waitstaff? Oh, and you get the food slower. It's not like the food isn't as unhealthy or more unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

The issue of debate is not whether or not one would classify Bennigan’s as “fast food.” The issue and warning that needs to be address and send out to the public is the fact that Bennigan’s has been around for years surviving in our economy and now with increased pressure and empty pockets they have been forced to shut down. Bennigan’s is just one of many examples that show hard times in our economic market. Eight hundred stores closing may seem small compared to some thriving businesses, but in today’s times this is a reality. This is a major hit for those working in the restaurant industry where finding a job can prove to be almost as challenging as it providing a steady source of income. In situations such as this, those unaffected should just feel grateful they have dodged the red bullet, which has shaken someone else’s world to the core.