Friday, July 11, 2008

DIY: Custom Brunch at McDonald's

[Warning! The language in this video is NSFW. We try to keep things family friendly here at Fast Food News, but this video drops the F-bomb quite a few times.]

The guys over at Internet Celebrities have produced a video demonstrating their solution to McDonald's policy of serving breakfast only before 11am and lunch only after 11am (these times may vary by location.) After expressing their displeasure over this policy, they create their own McDonald's "Brunch" by ordering just before and just after 11am.
"You have just traveled to the future. It is a place where eggs come together with premium LUNCH chicken meat as well as Swiss cheese, Canadian bacon, French fries and a marvel of American engineering… Syrup-injected bread. This my friends is how you travel on an international spaceship. Don’t forget to add the premium honey mustard sauce to keep all the parts well lubricated and don’t you dare let anyone ever tell you how to eat your food."

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