Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Consumerist: Wendy's requires toppings

The Consumerist has Brandon's story about visiting his regular Wendy's in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and ordering his regular sandwich, a double stack "plain" (as in no toppings, just meat & cheese on a bun) and being told that that was impossible.

Brandon was told that it was Wendy's policy to only serve the double stack the way it comes (with toppings).

Hmmm? Sure, I know it's Burger King that says, "Have it your way," but surely any fast food joint can serve a plain old cheeseburger without all the extras, right?

But no. Brandon ended up leaving Wendy's without his burger. No matter what he tried, they would not serve him a burger without all toppings.

Read the whole story
at one of our favorite blogs, The Consumerist!


Renee Katz said...

You shouldn't eat burgers at Wendy's, anyway. You can tell they are made from really cheap meat. Burger King all the way.

Anonymous said...

EXCUSE RENEE KATZ! BUT NO! wendys is the best...mmm their burgers are delicious! i love the new baconator!

Anonymous said...

that's all i ever get at wendy's and i always get it plain! i wouldn't know what i'd do if i couldn't :[