Saturday, August 23, 2008

DQ's new Iron Grilled Sandwiches

Dairy Queen has announced the launch of three new Iron Grilled Sandwiches at participating locations nationwide.

The Iron Grilled sandwich line includes:
  • Deli-style turkey with Swiss cheese
  • Classic Club with deli-style turkey, ham and cheddar cheese
  • Supreme BLT with seven crisp strips of savory bacon.
All are served on grilled Panini-style bread with leaf lettuce, bacon, tomato slices and mild garlic-mayonnaise. A grilled cheese will be added to the kids’ menu.

"We just saw it as an opportunity, given the growth of sandwiches, to add something that was a little bit different and uniquely suited to our target customers in an offering that we really didn’t have," said Lane Schmiesing, vice president of brand marketing of International Dairy Queen.


Unknown said...

i just saw a banner for these at the DQ here in LV I'm gonna have to go try them

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what is the company that distribute it on Costa Rica...please i hope an aswer