Saturday, August 30, 2008

Interesting Facts from Taco Bell

Found some interesting company facts on Taco Bell's website today. Thought I'd share...
  • Originated by Glen Bell, Taco Bell became a reality on March 21, 1962. The first franchise was sold in 1964.
  • Taco Bell employs more than 143,000 people in company-operated and franchised units and corporate offices in the US.
  • Nearly 150 million people see a Taco Bell commercial once a week - more than half the US population.
  • Over 2 billion tacos and 1 billion burritos of all varieties are served in Taco Bell restaurants each year.
  • In an average year in the US, Taco Bell consumers, company and franchise restaurants, consume:
    • 3.8 billion corn and flower tortillas
    • 62 million pounds of pinto beans
    • 295 million pounds of seasoned ground beef (my note: that's about 600,000 cows)
    • 106 million pounds of cheese

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