Monday, September 22, 2008

Franchisees Complain of Quizno's Deceptive Business Practices

Quizno's fast food sandwich shops around the country are operated by franchisees who pay Quizno's for the right to open one of their restaurants (and for the building and equipment, etc).

In August of 2007 some of these franchisees filed a lawsuit against Quizno's over some of Quizno's business practices. Last week additional Quizno's franchisees joined the lawsuit and additional complaints were added.

From Blue Mau Mau:

"The crux of the lawsuit focuses on what franchisees label as an illegal and deceptive business scheme, which they say has been played out since 2000 to induce unwitting prospects to purchase and operate Quiznos sandwich shops and pay franchise-related fees. They depict it as Quiznos' way to exploit its control and power "in order to extract exorbitant and unjustifiable payments from franchisees." In perpetrating their plan, Quiznos is accused of implementing slick sales tactics and marketing the "American dream of business ownership in the fastest growing franchise in the United States." The complaint states that Quiznos preyed on ordinary consumers with little experience in operating a business and little understanding the legal ramifications of its one-sided, non-negotiable franchise agreement."

read the rest of the story at Blue Mau Mau.

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Anonymous said...

I think all of these Franchiseses should have tougher laws as an owner of a Submarina California subs all of of there sales and franchisees agreements are slanted so the investor has no rights but this Franchise thinks you are great till they get your money I would have done better with my funds just leaving in a savings account in my experiance check them out I think you are just buying a job