Monday, October 20, 2008

Consumerist: McDonald's Forgets the Meat in Cheeseburger

The Consumerist is reporting on Jarrett's recent trip to McDonald's. Jarrett wanted 2 plain Cheeseburgers... one of them not only had all the things that don't constitute plain (pickles, onions, ketchup), but it also DIDN'T have any meat!


Anonymous said...

I mentioned this over at The Consumerist.

I went to a Burger King one moring and ordered two bacon, egg, and cheese croissanwiches. When I got home, I found to croissandwiches, but they only had three peices of bacon each on them. No eggs, no cheese.

I then noticed that my bill wasn't as much as it should have been either. Strange indeed, so I whiped up my own eggs, and threw on some cheese. They were ten times better I might add.

I guess someone needed their ears cleaned that day.

Anonymous said...

That picture indicates this guy took a bite out of the cheeseburger before he realized there wasn't any meat. It speaks volumes of the quality of McDonald's food when people expect that the meat might not be immediately visible...