Friday, October 03, 2008

KFC & Another UK Fast Food Parking Fine

Last year we wrote about McDonald's billing UK customers who stay in their parking lots too long.  The fine was about $225 if you parked in the parking lot for more than 45 minutes.

Now it seems KFC has adopted a similar policy in Britain.

The Sun reports that Natalie Jackson and her pal sat down at their local KFC to 14 pieces of chicken and 6 bags of fries.  They spent an hour and a half devouring their 5,456 calorie meal and that exceeded KFC's 75 minute parking limit.

Days later, Natalie received a fine in the mail of £150 (about $265).

She eats at KFC three times a week, but says she won't be going back (or paying the fine).

We're hoping this isn't a policy adopted by fast food restaurants on this side of the pond!

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