Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy Chicken Controversy by Tyson

Some fast food chains are starting to promote healthier, organic foods. Like Organic-To-Go and Chipotle.

The reason for making the switch is so that the fast food restaurant can make certain claims like "organic lettuce", "antibiotic-free chicken", etc., to attract the health-conscious consumer.

But wait, "Antibiotic-free Chicken" -- what if that labeling is meaningless?

Tyson, the largest US chicken supplier, is suing the USDA for the right to label some of its chicken "antibiotic free" even though the chicken has been injected with antibiotics... before it is born! Wow!

Here's more from Treehugger:
In a baffling case of doublespeak, the world’s largest meat processing company Tyson Foods has publicly admitted to injecting chickens with antibiotics—but it’s suing the US Department of Agriculture in order to keep the Antibiotic-Free label anyway. And how does Tyson plan on getting around the fact that the label is a bold-faced lie? By manipulating legal jargon of course! Tyson is claiming that since its chickens are merely injected with antibiotics before they hatch, they’re not really ‘raised’ with antibiotics.

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