Friday, January 09, 2009

Lose 10 Facebook friends, get a free Whopper

Burger King has unleashed a unique technique to install itself as a social networking player.

Their website,, encourages you to install a Facebook app called "Whopper Sacrifice" on your Facebook page.

Once you've used it to 'sacrifice' 10 of your Facebook friends, you'll get a coupon for a free Whopper.


LKFam said...

Burger King is putting way too much of its resources into its marketing schemes, all while they have a very serious problem with the quality of the service at their restaurants. They have a great product but their service is so off putting I don't even bother to go there anymore.

Kelli said...

Pin up makes a good point.
It's a problem that many companies suffer from. They have the good sense to hire an ad agency, and the agency creates some killer creative that drives people to the stores. But what happens once there? The product is off, or the service is bad. And then, when people dont buy, they blame it on the advertising.
Companies need to remember the whole, 'lead a horse to water.' Advertising is just one part of the business. It can not make up for missteps in other areas.
I think "Whopper Sacrifice" is a pretty great interactive tool. I enjoyed Whopper Freakout, as well as Whopper Virgin. CP&B have done some amazing work this year.

Anonymous said...

I did it and got my free whopper in the mail and it was worth it. Now I don't have 10 I never talk to on my facebook and I got a free sandwhich!