Friday, May 08, 2009

El Pollo Loco Takes KFC to Task

While KFC is falling all over itself to try and save face after offering a coupon and then refusing to honor it (offering a rain check instead), El Pollo Loco is taking KFC to task and looking like a much more professional and on-the-ball organization than KFC.

First of all, El Pollo Loco noticed an interesting exclusion on the original KFC free grilled chicken meal coupon that stood out to me when I saw it, too. The coupon read, "Offer valid from 5/509 to 5/19/09, not valid on Mother's Day 5/10/09." (see the coupon here)Sure, KFC was hoping to not get swamped with free meal requests on one of their big days, Mother's Day. But, really, this was a missed opportunity for good will: A free meal for Mother! El Pollo Loco latched onto this error and ran with it in this video:

They also criticize KFC for copying their free grilled chicken promotion. But now that KFC has gone back on their free meal coupon offer, El Pollo Loco really has something to highlight, a huge failure on their competitors part. I'm sure we'll be seeing a new video from El Pollo Loco about this in mere hours.

But while we're talking about El Pollo Loco and KFC, here's another video highlighting their "Taste the Fire Challenge" taste test and some calls they allegedly received from KFC and YUM! Brands corporate offices:

A fast food chicken battle is clearly underway!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! KFC suffered in response to El Pollo Loco's free chicken night. Then they tried to throw something together and now look even worse! It wasn't about food shortages, I was told it was because of coupon fraud. What a bunch of Bull! Congratulations to El Pollo Loco!

Anonymous said...

When is an offer not really an offer? When El Pollo Loco fails to disclose that the offer is available "at participating locations only", knowing full well that the locations owned by WKS Restaurant Corporation, their largest franchisee, would not be honoring the coupons. I personally call that false advertising. Well, here's MY disclosure: I will not be honoring any of WKS's El Pollo Loco, Denny's, or Corner Bakery locations with any of my business, then!

Anonymous said...

Lol. Anyone that takes mom to KFC for mother's day is very sad. I'm glad KFC spared several mothers that sad injustice.

mayra said...

I was thinking the same. I would never take my mom to KFC, let alone on Mothers Day!

Bankruptnooption. said...

El polo Whoco?
Never heard of them! But I know Everyone has not only heard of KFC but of the 11 herbs and spices too! Take a look at their annual profits and you will know who sells more chicken. Facts are facts. They along with White Castle also sell their products cold too. El podo lowhoco can't match that because their leftovers get tossed and not kept for a tasty snack for later.
I loved those made up phone calls also that was pure comedy at it's finest, KFC ROCKS! Oh and by the way--- Is your refrigerator running?