Tuesday, May 05, 2009

McDonald's Meat Factory Tour

I guess McDonald's finds this video reassuring.  It might be to some... especially those with a taste for mechanically processed meat 'product'.  To some the video might show a little more than people want to know.  There is certainly nothing unusual here... most of our food today comes from processing factories like these, but it is interesting that McDonald's wants to show it off.

I first saw the video after reading about it at Gizmodo.  They were horrified and disgusted.  They were shocked that McDonald's needs to put their meat patties through a metal detector for safety.  I guess they'd be surprised to learn that that happens at most food processing facilities and it is just simply a good idea to ensure safety.

McDonald's has titled the video, on their web site, "At Lopez Foods, only 100% beef makes the grade."

I guess the title bothered me a little before I even watched the video:  I was hoping that "100% beef" was the expected standard, not something that has to be promoted.  They mention that the beef is "100% beef" in the video, too.  But most of the folks interviewed in the video refer to the meat as "product."  So, they're processing the "product" they receive into hamburger patties.  Okay.  Maybe you should call it meat in the video.

All in all, it is standard McDonald's health and safety propaganda, I'm just a little surprised that they would chose to make some of these video images public.  Some people certainly will find it gross.

A shot from the video:


Harmony Heaton Cox said...

I though the video was good. People need to make the connection between cows in a pasture and the hamburger on their plate. When this connection is not made people many times unintentinally promote legislation that is harmful to agriculture and therefor make their food more expensive and many times unsafe. As the generations get further removed from the farm these type of video's will be more crucial in America.

ba said...

Most consumers, like yourself, are naive to what it takes to make food so readily available. Whether it is due to an accident or some sort of sick sabotage, a metal detector is an excellent standard in most establishments to assure the dim-witted public that all is safe and secure, and that they may continue hazily shoveling food into their gullets that required no work from them personally to make.

Anonymous said...

I think the video is very good. If people do not like the connection between animals and meat they need to quit eating it. I am not sure about the comment about a taste for mechanically processed meat, it is all mechanically processed unless you slaughter your own cow and you will still need a grinder for hamburger meat. My husband and I have been eating this meat for over 35 years. I cook with it as it tastes better than store bought meat with less grease.

asd said...

omg im going to go eat some mcdonalds right now then some steak afterwards!!

Anonymous said...

i want steak

Haley said...

I saw the video and I couldn't stand it to bad people don't notice that you can't get that much meat out of a couple cows in a field