Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pizza Vending Machines, Italy vs. US

Last year an Italian named Claudio Torghele announced his "Let's Pizza" vending machine that makes pizza from scratch in less than 3 minutes.  That's some pretty fast food.  The machines have been deployed in Europe and each pie runs about $6.  Claudio device allows you to watch the entire process through glass:  mixing and kneading the dough (yes, it starts with dry flour), spinning the dough into a flat disc, adding the sauce and selected toppings (4 pizza choices), and finally the cooking.

More recently a US company announced their "La Pizza Presto" pizza vending machine.  This version slides a pre-prepared pizza out of box and under a heating lamp, then slides it back into the box and presents it to the vendee.

Here's a demo video of the Italian "Let's Pizza" (a video of the American version is below it)

The American, La Pizza Presto video:

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regina di roma said...

This is fascinating! I wonder how the Italians will take to this machine. I have a feeling they will reject it as evil. I wonder if the machine can make one
like THIS!