Monday, October 26, 2009

Chipotle's Kid's Menu

This is a great move by Chipotle... they've introduced a kid's menu.

Fast food kid's meals are nothing new... most of the fast food chains have them.  But many health-conscious parents will be thrilled to hear that they can now take their children to Chipotle for a healthier, more natural option with kid-sized portions.

I personally discovered the kid's menu at Chipotle when I saw the first guy on the production line at Chipotle cover one of the tortillas they use for burritos with cheese, fold it over and heat it on the tortilla grill-press.  This was something I'd never seen before... then I saw that the woman in line had some kids in tow and then I looked up and saw the "Kid's Menu" addition to the menu board.

Here's the kid's menu as it appears at a Chipotle I visited:

All Kid's Menu items served with kid's chips and a drink.
Kid's Drinks:  Juice, Organic Milk (plain or chocolate), Small soda.
  1. Small Cheese Quesadilla.  With a side of rice and beans.  $2.95.
  2. Small Meat & Cheese Quesadilla.  With a side of rice and beans.  $3.50.
  3. Single Taco.  Soft or crispy shell, and a choice of any three items (one meat or guacamole) and a side of rice.  $3.50.
  4. Taco Kit (they build it).  Choose any three ingredients (one meat or guacamole) and two soft or crispy shells.  Served on a tray for easy building.  $3.95.


Anonymous said...

At the Chipolte near me, none of the items came with any rice or beans side. A small drink, cheese quesadilla, a chips (no salsa) was $2.95. Kinda weak, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous your weak... you want cheap go to Micky D's and get greasy unhealty slop. There you can get grease on a bun for $99. Really what do you want for $3? A Drink $.99, 2 fresh taco @ $.99ea equals $2.99. Duh..... You want a toy with that? Get your complaining butt back to Micky D's, and stay with the over wieght generation and vote for change again.
Oh, IMO.

laurie said...

This is my new favorite thing!! Usually I get two meals out of the bowl or the burrito, but this kid's meal is a great deal! Everytime I've gone, they have given me the single taco with whatever toppings I wanted (not just 3) and beans AND rice and the drink and chips. Sometimes I get a little half side of salsa . Once when they were out of the small bag of chips they gave me a big bag!
This is what I thought you got until one sales person last night said that it was supposed to be three items and nothing else. We checked the menu and she saw it was supposed to get rice but informed me about the 3 items... she was still very nice about it and I was not charged any extra. I have had this meal now at three or four different Chipotles and still treated the same. They don't mind adults purchasing which is great because sometimes I don't want leftovers.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't very kind.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! A harsh tone develops so quickly on this thread. Wherever I go on the Internet, some guy named anonymous always seems to be there with a quick temper ready to hurl insults. If any of you know Anonymous please ask him if there is anything we can do to brighten his mood. I just went to chipotle today and got my two kids the $4.25 (inflation) build your own taco meal. Good deal. The kids got exactly what they wanted and I saved 50% over buying them each an adult meal and drinks.

sasha trey said...

Chipotle does not need to go into showing sugary stuff or kiddish things to attract kids. The children just love Chipotle and so do their parents. Little wonder, it is among the top ten family restaurants in the US

Anonymous said...

i wish they would add a kids rice bowl to the kids meals. it's seems to be a pain in the ass for some to make a large bowl half one way and half the other way ... as both my children want rice bowls but won't eat a whole regular bowl to themselves, AND they don't like the same things. i contacted chipotle and hopefully they will consider this option.