Wednesday, September 07, 2005

KFC's 'Flavor Station' ad campaign begins

KFC's biggest advertising campaign has begun: Flavor Station. This is KFC's attempt to set itself apart from other fast food restaurants offering various chicken products (strips, nuggets, even BK's chicken fries) that are offered with a variety of dipping sauces. The difference: KFC's chicken is served pre-dipped in the sauce of the customer's choice. We didn't know that people were annoyed with the painstaking extra step of having to dip a morsel of chicken in a sauce, but nonetheless their prayers have been answered!
The concept lets consumers choose among four lunch items - chicken wings with bones or without, popcorn chicken and strips of chicken. They then choose among three heated sauces - honey barbecue or two new sauces, fiery buffalo and sweet and spicy - and the chicken is fully immersed in the chosen sauce when delivered.
KFC's advertising agency has created a television spot depicting people in different work situations - an office, a factory, a construction site - who eat Flavor Station chicken and shout, "with KFC's Flavor Station, I'm in charge." The tagline is, "Be the boss, choose your own sauce." They've also created a web site to promote the campaign at:

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