Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Subway sorry for any offense to Kansas

Joe and Karen Davis stopped in for a bite at a Subway in Reedsport, Oregon back in October. They apparently had no complaints about the food, but a sign in the window announcing a salmon sandwich apparently did.

The sign read: "Another reason you're lucky not to live in Kansas."

You see, Joe and Karen are from Topeka, Kansas. They complained to Subway, and today Subway apologized to anyone in Kansas who might have gone abroad, seen the sign, and been offended.

"We are fortunate to have friends in the franchisees we have in Kansas and would not do anything to offend them," their statement said.

The sign has been pulled from all Subway locations serving the salmon sandwich. (Kansas, by the way, was not one of them.) [AP]

Some Kansas Subway franchisees are also complaining that the marketing gaff is costing them money. [KC Star]

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