Thursday, January 05, 2006

2005 Food Blog Awards

The polls have opened for the 2005 Food Blog Awards at Accidental Hedonist and Fast Food News (the blog your reading now!) has been nominated in the "Best Blog Covering the Food Industry" category!

If you enjoy reading Fast Food News I'd certainly appreciate your vote, but my fellow nominees certainly deserve consideration, too. They are all great blogs and I'm proud to be listed among them. The other nominees are: The Food Whore, News You Can Eat, Saute Wednesday, and US Food Policy.

A special thanks to Kate at AH and the other judges for the nomination.

The best thing about voting in the 2005 Food Blog Awards is checking out all the great blogs that have been nominated. So head there now and check them all out and VOTE!!

By the way, the Food Industry category, that Fast Food News has been nominated in, is the 3rd one down on the left of the two column of categories. ;)

if for some reason, the other links above to Accidental Hedonist are not working (???), you'll have to cut and paste the url directly above. (hopefully a temp blog glitch)

1 comment:

McChronicles said...

As a great fan of FAST FOOD NEWS, The McChronicles was pleased to vote for your blog.

Best of luck!