Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quiznos introduces bread bowls

As I've said before, Quiznos is reticent to reveal their foods' nutrition data and with the introduction of soup-filled bread bowls we might be able to see why! As to the bread bowls, I can't beat this copy from USA Today:
If there's one sign in 2006 that the low-carb fad is officially dead, it might be this: The bread bowl is about to make a comeback.

Quiznos Sub, the trendy sandwich chain best known for its toasted subs, this week will introduce nationally three varieties of Toasted Gourmet Bread Bowls. They can be had not only with soup or chili, but also stuffed with rings of toasted cheese and chunks of roast chicken or beef.

Bread is something "that anyone on Atkins avoids like the plague," says Sherri Daye Scott, editor of QSR, a fast-food industry trade publication. "It must be the end of low-carb."

And, perhaps, the start of a who'd-a-thunk-it fast-food trend. Quiznos says it's the first national fast-food chain to sell bread bowls. The move is an attempt to inch closer to more upscale Panera Bread, the "fast-casual" chain that says it sells one in five soup orders in a bread bowl. It also might help Quiznos distinguish itself from Subway, which now sells hot subs.


sly_foxx68 said...

Low carb diets are hardley the "FAD"!!! If that were the case then why are so many scientist continueing to publish studies on low-carb eating and showing that in fact it does benefit weight loss, cholesterol and blood lipid level. Also the amount of people currently following a low carb lifestyle is higher than it has ever been. See what people do not understand is that just because a company stops making low carb products does not mean that low carb is dead. Those products for the most part were poor quality or not actually low carb to begin with. Just ask my friend Jimmy Moore if low carb is dead....if it was not for low carb then he would be dead!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think I know what I'll be having for lunch. The only decision now is soup or chili!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Tim Horton's in Canada has been selling bread bowls for along time.

Anonymous said...

Tim Hortons,U.S. and Canada, have had bread bowls for many years.