Friday, January 06, 2006

Organic food fast

I've been reading about Organic To-Go today and I think they've got an idea whose time has come. Unfortunately, those of us who don't live on the West Coast might have to wait a bit for it to come to us.

Organic To-Go looks like the ultimate healthy alternative to traditional fast food. The speed and variety is there and along with it the benefits of a healthy, organic menu.

With four stores in the Seattle area, 3 in LA and 3 in the OC opened since the first one in November of '04, they're just starting out, but they seem to have a solid plan... and a mouth-watering menu.

How about the Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap: Natural turkey and smoked bacon, lettuce and low-fat ranch dressing rolled in a Sun-dried tomato tortilla. Get it in the 'lunch bag' and it includes organic cheddar crackers, organic dill pickle, organic sliced Washington apples, Athena water and a homemade cookie. Yumm!

The menu goes on and on and they've got a super-convenient on-line ordering system for pick-up or delivery. I'll definitely be checking them out next time I'm in LA. If you've been, let the rest of us know what you think in the comments.


organicworld said...

Doing nice work.With four stores in the Seattle area, 3 in LA and 3 in the OC.
Do you import any of the ingredients?

Unknown said...

Looks like a great company wish we had one around here.
Organic Foods