Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Arby's offers 'crustless' sandwich for kids

Arby's is the first fast food restaurant to introduce sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Their new Kid's Meal menu includes Market Fresh Mini Ham & Cheese and Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches served on honey wheat bread with the crusts cut off.

They're also introducing a healthy option for their Kid's Meals. Mom's can now request a fruit cup with red seedless grapes and diced apples as a side instead of french fries for their child's meal. A great idea. Sure, kid's probably wouldn't order it, but it's usually mom that's doing the ordering anyway.


Anonymous said...

My sisters refused to eat the crust as kids because of that, they didnt want to grow curls.

Anonymous said...

i love arbys its like me favorate fast food restarant ever i love how they do have healthy chocies that a turely healthy not facke likr other places i think it your choice of what you eat and they choice and doing a grest job of that loves it <3