Saturday, February 25, 2006

Clinton touts healthier fast food

Former President Bill Clinton is encouraging fast food restaurant chains to offer low-fat burgers and fries rather than salads and carrots in their efforts to give kids healthy meals.

Clinton has teamed up with Arkansas Governor Huckabee to battle childhood obesity there and they are working with the fast food industry to come up with healthy alternatives. Instead of offering salads to children, the restaurants could offer healthier versions of what kids are already eating, said one of the former President's advisers.

After all the free advertising Clinton gave to the quick service industry, McDonald's in particular, with his proclamation of love for the fast food burger during his presidency, the least they could do is lend him an ear now.


comrade_tovarich said...

Good for Bill to set such an example!

Encouraging fast food firms to offer healthier fare is great; forcing them to do so through legislation and lawsuits is wrong, because force is wrong and it presupposes all those who dine in such eateries are incapable of making, and being responsible for, their own nutritional decisions.

Was Bill a hamburger man? I seem to recall David Letterman poking fun at Bill over his love for McDonald's fries.

By the way, McD's used to sell curry rice in Japan, but that was a long time ago. Not too long ago, they were selling a gratin burger, the gurakoro.

Anonymous said...

I think they should be healther then they are know. B/W