Thursday, February 23, 2006

KFC's 'secret code' TV ad

KFC has been promoting a new TV ad that aired for the first time last night and will run through March 3 during prime time. They want you to watch to ad in order to see the 'secret code' embedded in the ad and get a coupon for a free Buffalo Snacker sandwich. They even encourage you to record the ad so you can play it back.

Relax. Here's the secret code: "Buffalo" Just go to the KFC site and enter it at the bottom of the page. Be warned though, there is no guarantee you'll get the coupon: the website has been really busy and has not even let me register. (And there are only 75,000 coupons available, so it's first come, first served.)

By the way, I agree with Adrants, the TV ad is really bad!

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