Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What McDonald's employees eat

Did you ever wonder what the kids working at McDonald's eat during their breaks? Me neither. But then I read some of their special recipes!

Some of the members of McDonald's Talk, a livejournal forum for McDonald's employees, have posted their favorite 'snacks' in this thread. I'm really impressed with what they've come up with using only those ingredients, equipment and supplies found in a McDonald's.

So, here's their creations, in their own words:

Orange Julius - 21 once cold cup, ice cream, orange juice, put on a flurry lid, and mix it carefully in the flurry machine.

Bruschetta - Whole wheat TDS bun, with cut up tomatoes and slivered onions and parmesan cheese, put in the oven under the pie timer, and voila, bruschetta. delicious.

Quesadillas - 2 tortilla shells - sliced grilled chicken - cheddar jack cheese - tomatoes - lettuce - whatever you like. . . then grill it under the 4:1 clamshell.

Pregnant-Craving-Special - As requested by every gal who's ever been pregnant whilst working at our store: One order of hotcakes, heated; 1 oz. ladle of strawberry sauce; one serving of soft serve. Ladle strawberries onto hotcakes. Top with ice cream.

Fruit Salad - Four ounces frozen strawberries; 1 ounce frozen blueberries; 1 package Apple Slices, chopped; 2 ounces mandarin oranges, drained; 1 ounce yogurt; 1 ounce granola (optional). In a side salad base, mix fruit with yogurt. Top with granola, if desired.

Ice Cream pizza - 6 oz soft serve ice cream, Oreo cookies, Six packets margarine, One shot hot fudge, two shots hot caramel. Melt margarine in original packets in HLZ. Mix with oreo cookies in a big breakfast base. Chill. Top oreo mixture with hot fudge and one shot of hot caramel. Spread. Chill. Top with ice cream and chill. Drizzle with hot caramel.

Carrie's Omlette - Three eggs, diced tomatoes, slivered onions, green peppers, celery (when you've got it), bacon bits, grill seasoning, shredded montery/cheddar cheese. Scramble eggs in a 16oz cold cup with a fork. Place vegetables on grill, and pour eggs on top. Shake grill seasoning onto eggs. With a clean spatula, flip the egg mixture over when it starts to become white-ish around the edges. Serve when browned on both sides. Top with cheese. ***SAFETY ISSUE! Be sure to steam your grill when done!

I'm glad she included the "safety issue," I love it!

Barbecue Tortilla Pizza - Two tortilla shells, two 10:1 patties, chopped, one packet Barbecue sauce, diced tomatoes, slivered onions, green peppers, shredded Montery/Cheddar cheese. Using some of the cheese, place in between two tortilla shells on a parchment lined pie pan. Using a sundae spoon, coat the tortilla with barbecue sauce (may use more than one packet if desired). Top with meat, then vegetables, then remainder of cheese. Cook under 'Ready Baked Biscuit' (9min) or 'Baked Pie' (12min).

And finally, this unnamed creation: (please note, I didn't correct the spelling: stemmer = steamer, tortia = tortilla)
  • Take a 8" flour tortia shell that we use for the breakfast burritos and put it in the fillet stemmer and press "go"!
  • Put the stemmed tortia shell on a double cheeseburger wrap. Add on Ranch Sauce, and shredded lettuce, and you can even cut up some tomatoes and put those on there.
  • Take a piece of spicy chicken breast and cut it into small slices and add to the tortia shell. Wrap it up, and enjoy!
I don't think you'd have much luck if you tried to order one of these concoctions at your local McDonald's, but it's nice to know that the kids (and adults, too) working there aren't restricting themselves to the menu the rest of us get. Maybe some of them even deserve a trip to the corporate test kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

I work at McDonald's and we make some great stuff.

The McTaco is pretty delicious. Take a tortilla chop up 2 pieces of reg. meat, lettuce, cheese, chop up tomatoes and add mild or hot picante sauce.

We deep fry apple pies instead of baking them for a crispy apple treat.

Phillie Cheesesteaks are quite good as well. Take the breakfast steak and some quarter onions and cook them as usual. Put them on a honey wheat roll (premium chicken sandwiches) and add cheese and angus seasoning.