Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blockbuster out, Chipotle in

It's a sign of the times. My neighborhood Blockbuster Video store closed down last month and a new Chipotle restaurant has opened in it's place.

I couldn't resist to comment on this change that is, to me, an interesting illustration of changing consumer tastes. And I guess I notice it because it reflects my own tastes, too.

The neighborhood video rental store (read Blockbuster) is quickly being replaced by the increased selection and convenience that is offered by movie rental-by-mail services (Netflix and Blockbuster, too). The typical fast food fare is also being shunned by a slightly increasing number of consumers who are concerned about diet, nutrition and quality resulting in the increase in the number of 'fast casual' restaurants like Chipotle.

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Anonymous said...

Are NetFlix et al. really putting the hurt on retail rental stores?
I've yet to see a big-box rental go under anywhere I've lived. I've seen plenty of local stores close down though.

Anyone have any other data points?
-Adam V.