Friday, June 30, 2006

Chicago alderman seeks to ban trans fat

A Chicago alderman, Edward Burke, has proposed a new city ordinance that would ban the use of trans fat in all restaurants. If this rule were enacted it would mean the end of McDonald's french fries, and scores of other fast food made with trans fat, in the city of Chicago.

"Chicago has the opportunity to take a bold step and protect its citizens from the ravages of unhealthy trans fats by banning their use in restaurants," said Burke.

Colleen McShane, president of the Illinois Restaurant Association, said some of the city's mom-and-pop restaurants could have difficulty complying with an ordinance requiring they use more expensive oil.

"I don't think the government needs to come in and regulate this," she said. "When the consumer is educated, the consumer will demand it, and the restaurants will respond."

Public outcry over trans fat has reached a fever pitch since special-interest-activist-lawyer-group CSPI decided to sue KFC over its use of trans fat.

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