Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dunkin' Donuts converts Togo to Dunkin' Delis

In 1998 Dunkin' Donuts purchased the Togo's sub shop chain (which was established in 1968). Some Togo's are attached to Dunkin' Donut shops.

Now, according to a BrandWeek article, 45 Togo's sub shops that are attached to Dunkin's Donuts locations are being renamed as Dunkin' Delis. All the Dunkin' Deli locations are east of the Mississippi, the 357 western locations will remain Togo's for now.

Dunkin' Donuts will be offering the new Dunkin' Deli concept to new owners as they plan to grow from 6,000 to 15,000 locations by 2020.
Based on the higher-end Togo's model, the original Dunkin' Deli offerings were labor-intensive sandwiches. The chain "Dunkin'-ized" the deli concept, switching to toasted sandwiches that "were more efficient without sacrificing quality," Kufferman said. Choices include "classics" like ham and cheese, "favorites" (steak and cheese), "cravings" and 7-inch Pizzettas.
Here's a photo of a Dunkin' Deli on Flickr (from Steve in the comment below).

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Steve Portigal said...

Saw one of those when I was in New York City recently
and was confused as to just what it was.