Tuesday, July 11, 2006

McDonald's adds gyms to restaurants

McDonald's is now adding gyms to some of their restaurants.

But are they gyms or just modernized versions of the McDonald's Playplace (which debuted in 1971) with a new label? With McDonald's new focus on a 'healthy' image in the face of pending so-called 'obesity lawsuits,' calling a play area a 'gym' just makes good sense.

Here's how McDonald's describes their new gym in their press release:
A Whittier, Calif.-based McDonald's restaurant opened its doors to the world's second McDonald's R Gym (at right), a dedicated in-restaurant play area that features interactive game zones designed for children aged 4 to 12. Equipped with stationary bicycles attached to video games, dance pads, basketball hoops, monkey bars, an obstacle course, and a host of other games, the R Gym is intended to provide a fun, easy and convenient way for children to increase their physical activity.

"McDonald's, with its wide variety of menu choices at various nutritional profiles, now also offers a variety of activity for children that promotes exercise and physical fitness," said Bonnie Modguno, registered dietitian and McDonald's consultant. "It's important for kids to eat a well balanced diet but it is equally important for them to play. Now, parents can bring their kids to McDonald's to accomplish both."

The R Gym features the Toddler Zone, an active play environment with age appropriate games that develop physical coordination and social skills; the Active Zone, designed for children aged four-to-eight that promotes physical fitness through fun play; the Sports Zone which features a series of sport oriented activities to promote aerobic exercise for children aged 9-to-12; the Parent Zone which features comfortable seating and provides an excellent monitoring area for their children; and the Dining Area which allows families to spend time together while eating.


Anonymous said...

This is great, just great - I guess McDonalds forsees kids spending hours of "playtime" at their restaurant gyms. Very healthy?

"It's important for kids to eat a well balanced diet but it is equally important for them to play." - Yeah, to play *outdoors* in the sunshine not riding bicycles tied to videogames for 15 mins after consuming a nice unhealthy meal of fast food and soda.

"Equipped with stationary bicycles attached to video games, dance pads, basketball hoops, monkey bars, an obstacle course, and a host of other game" - Healthy exercise??? I mean why doesn't McDs just open a gym with a snack bar instead? - or perhaps that's exactly their idea? At least a real gym maybe the parents might burn a couple of calories too.

Anonymous said...

McDonald's shouldn't be spending money on buying children's "gyms"

They should be spending it on healthier food

Introducing new foods
Eliminating their unhealthy options

Fast food should be completely eliminated

I'm a fussy eater myself
But I haven't been to McDonald's for months.
In fact, I'm anorexic - and I blame that on McDonald's, and other similar fast food restaurants.

However, I'm not going to bring eating disorders into this. There are other matters

People are getting fatter and fatter

And I honestly can not believe that
The owner of such an unhealthy corperation
Can watch, allow, and to a certain extent, cause such ugly people.
Obese people are considered ugly
And I myself agree
Fat is disgusting
But if people cannot fight against the cause of obesity.
How do they expect to move forward?
Punishing a victim doesn't stop the culprit.

We need to be a lot less pathetic
Hopefully, McDonald's will notice the life ruining problems that their food helps towards.
Hopefully, they'll eliminate the disgusting additives.
Losing a mild profit, of course.
But lightening the world around them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, really? McDonalds made you anorexic? Yeah... It sounds like narrow minded jugemental people like yourself probably had more to do with your issues than a food chain that you can choose to go to or not. How is calling obese people fat any better than providing fattening food? Your comments are juvenile and ridiculous. I agreed that many people need to "be a lot less pathetic"... maybe you should begin.

Anyways, I think the appeal of McDonalds for young chldren is intense, and whether this is good or not is highly debatable. The truth is that many children choose McDonalds instead of other food chaind because of thier play places, and any exersize for children is a good thing. Choose milk and apple dippers as your children's sides and let them have at the playplaces or Rgyms... it's good for them! There's no need to complain about this at all.

Anonymous said...

Do you even know what is in their food? it doesn't decompose people!!! If you want to put that into your childrens bodies you are sick. I can never eat at mcdonalds again nor let my children eat there. If you want them off of your backs...just buy the mcdonalds toys seperately from any of their gross food and give them proper home meals. If you want to be lazy one day, take them to sandwich shop. Least it's healthier for them.