Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Del Taco's Maple Sausage Roll Up

Del Taco has introduced a new breakfast menu item.

The Maple Sausage Roll Up is maple flavored sausage, hand rolled in a soft flour tortilla and then dipped in a luscious French Toast batter.

I have to say when I first saw a photo of these roll ups on Del Taco's web site, I was frightened and confused. They didn't look like food; at least not in the traditional sense. But without Del Taco's in Texas, I have no way to find out what they're really like... maybe they're great! (I doubt it though!)

All those seemingly unrelated layers (maple sausage, tortilla & french toast) remind me of the Taco created in SNL's Taco Town skit. But the Maple Sausage Roll Up is real.

Mornings at Del Taco also include a variety of breakfast burritos and a bacon and egg quesadilla.

By the way, breakfast is served at Del Taco until 11 AM.

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