Tuesday, August 22, 2006

KFC's Moms Matter! PR move

KFC has formed an 'advisory board' called "Moms Matter!" to help promote a family friendly image for KFC.

The Advisory Board will meet in person bi-annually, hold quarterly conference calls and host monthly dinner meetings in their hometowns to "gain information and advise KFC on everything from trends that affect families to new product ideas."

"Moms have relied on our popular, meal-building menu items for years and now we're turning to them for ideas on how KFC can be even more helpful with managing their busy lifestyles," says Scott Bergren, executive vice president of marketing for KFC.

You would suspect that the first suggestion any mom that cares about her family would make is that KFC reduce or eliminate the high levels of trans fats in their menu items. But even if they do, I doubt it will be mentioned in the meetings' public reports!

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