Tuesday, September 19, 2006

McDonald's postpones food labelling in Canada

McDonald's announced last October that it planned to begin putting nutritional information on their food packaging in Canada. Yesterday they announced their plans would have to be delayed.

McDonald's excuse for the delay? They can't find a reliable source of trans fat free cooking oil.

They've said their afraid that they could run out of trans fat free oil and then their nutrition data wouldn't be accurate.

Most likely if McDonald's had begun eliminating trans fat when they said they would they would have found a supplier by now. But as we know, McDonald's made their trans fat promise over 5 years ago (in 2002) and have since increased the amount of trans fat they're reporting and have been successfully sued for negligence over their trans fat use.

Of course, the obvious solution would be to put the current, trans fat laden nutrition data on the packaging, but that might scare the informed consumer just a little too much!

(The labeling would likely have resembled the packaging unveiled at the Olympic games earlier this year; as shown.)

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post poned labeling are you mad