Monday, October 09, 2006

BK's Angus 'shroom and

Saw an ad during football yesterday for a new burger from Burger King. BK's new Angus 'Shroom & Swiss burger is Angus beef covered in sauteed mushrooms and 2 slices of melted swiss cheese. On Burger King's web site you'll notice an asterisk(*) after 'swiss cheese' with this tasty disclaimer: "Processed Pasteurized Swiss Cheese." Yum!

Burger King does not supply, at this time, any nutritional information for this burger.

By the way, Burger King's web site ( performs terribly in the Firefox web browser. I've experienced this before, so when I was checking out this burger I switched to Internet Explorer. When I went to in the Internet Explorer web browser I was asked if I'd like to participate in a "Usability Survey" for the Burger King website. I thought, "perfect, now I can tell them about my experience with their site in Firefox." Well, as soon as I clicked "Yes" I'd like to participate in the survey the site crashed Internet Explorer. Not good. Burger King needs to do some serious work on their web site's usability and browser compatibility.


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